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Pregnyl disaster

Although I had watched the nurse very carefully and tried to follow the written instructions I ended up getting most of my pregnyl running down my leg due to being unclear as to how to actually put the needle onto the syringe (I had not attached it properly.) So 3 hours of phone calls and a car run to the maternity clinic at 1am I was told to report to the fertility clinic yesterday morning where I clarified how syringe and needle came together meaning I had to take more syranel and bemfola yesterday morning and pregnyl again last night for egg collection tomorrow. This is slightly annoying as on top of egg collection being postponed again I am now feeling even more swollen which is hurting my back (I have mechanical back problems anyway and it is OK to take my prescribed pain killers but still annoyed).

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Hi michaels7. So sorry to hear that you have been in such a pickle with all of this. It is never easy at the best of times, so I'm sure all will be well on the day of egg collection. You are OK to take paracetamol or whatever you have been prescribed for pain, but no anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen. Good luck with the rest of it. Thinking of you. Diane


Thanks DianeArnold.


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