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Infertility. HEEELP

For a year I have tried to get pregnant, but I have not succeeded. I have been married for five years and now I have stopped taking the pill. I have never been punctual with my cycle and we are both very healthy.

I hoped to get pregnant naturally at once. After eight months I went to our family doctor and he prescribed fertility drugs. He also told me to spend some time without trying and give it time.

The truth is that right now I'm despairing. I do not see the drugs working and my husband worries too. His dream is to have a baby of ours since we met and I feel very bad that I can not give it to him.

I do not know anything about infertility, that's why I've entered this page. I need help. I have read some posts and I just got my hair on edge. thinking that something is really very wrong with me. If you can help me, give me tips or guide me, please. I would appreciate it.

Please, I'm desperate.

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Sorry to hear about this but try not to panic. Although it seems to happen instantly for everyone else (and does for some!) it generally doesn't! I think they say it can take a year to become pregnant, which is why most doctors won't do anything until it's been a year.

Give the drugs you are on a chance. Is it Clomid? It might take a while to sort out your cycle so it'll take a bit of time.

Next steps would be to go back to your doctor to get referred for some fertility tests for you and your OH (blood tests, scans etc) to see what is causing it and that might give you so,e more answers.

Good luck with everything x

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Thank you for your reply. Yes, it is clomid. He put me a treatment of two months. 5 days since day 5 of my cycle. We tried twice after my cycle on my fertile days, but nothing happens. I don't know if it is because I haven't finished the treatment correctly. My husband told me to go to a fertility clinic if this doesn't work. I think he's more relaxed than me.

Do you have any experience with the clomid? I read only that it can cause ovaries cancer. Now i'm in panic.


Please have a look at my journey via my previous posts. I would relax I truly believe I prevented myself from getting pregnant because I was stressing and anxious that I was preventing my husband and his parents from having a baby in there lives.

The one cheap test was checking my egg supply and quality. It was £50 and as soon as I had the results it was decided to take immediate action as the process can take so long xxx



I readed about your journey. Congratulations for yoru baby!

My husband told me to relax. My mom told me too that stress and worry can be a problem, but its almost impossible for me!

I can't believe for everything you passed through. I was feeling really sad this morning but now I feel a little bit better with more hopes.

How this cheap test work? I want to try. I have heard that they track your ovulation.



Basically it tells you how many eggs are left. As we are all born with our supply and also the test can tell you the quality of the eggs.

So I was told I had the eggs of a 40 year old and not many left so I was put forward for ivf straight away.

Other things you can try are detox and herbal supplements.



Sounds wonderful! I'll buy one tomorrow to try. I hope it goes well. Wow, that sounds really bad. I'm thinking of going to a naturist store to avoid taking so many medications. Maybe they can help me too.

Thank you very much! Xx


Sounds like you need to go for ivf

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I really don't want to think about that right now. Doctor said my infertility can be for a hormonal problem. He said if clomid doesn't work, we will try with other treatment. I wish not. I still hoping this can work good on me.


First of all, I want to urge you to stop despairing. If the family's doctor prescribed you some drugs and you doubt them pls finish the dose and then you can substitute him. Getting a baby naturally is almost everybody's wish. Encourage you hubby to be patient. Also don't allow any chance for doctors who have not handled any problems of infertility before. Have you heard of a clinic in Ukraine? It handles all infertility issues with ease and positive results. Whether it's secondly or primary infertility. They have highly trained scientists and embroyologist. The clinic has broken the world record due to it's high class services. You don't have to be scared by the jargons of infertility. If you are diagnosed right, you only need to understand your own health. Also to get it solved right. Your hubby's dream to be a father will soon be realized. Let him support you emotionally as this journey of trying to get a baby can be really bumpy at times. At your own time you can check biotexom clinic. It's the clinic I previously mention in Ukraine. It's all the best dear one.



My doctor told me to be patient, but honestly it is difficult. My husband is wonderful. I'm trying not to show myself so desperate around him not to despair him too because I know he feels just as bad as I do in this whole situation.

We have talked about going to a fertility clinic if my treatment does not work. It is not easy, but I suppose we should open ourselves to the possibility.

I know several women who have dealt with infertility and have managed to have babies, but I have also seen how it takes them a long time. I want to be a mother soon, not having to wait a long time. I feel horrible. I do not understand how this can happen to us.

Thank you very much for your words.


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