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Hey. I want some help from here. I am really tensed about my health condition. I am 33 years old. My problem is that I cannot conceive naturally. Because doctor recognized me of heart disease. I have mitral stenosis. Due to which blood in my heart veins do not flow in a streamline manner. Rather its flow is in turbulent way. Thus, doctor said that I should not try to conceive in future. Now I am thinking of any other way to have a baby. But don’t have any proper information about it. That which clinic I should visit. What are your opinion in this regard. Please suggest me some good clinic as I am very tensed that what gonna happen with me now If I cant become a mommy.

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God Bless you. Consult a second opinion about your heart problem first. If you are healthy then you may concieve in future, for short term , you should focus on heart diesease.


I personally wouldn't say unexplained is worse. Infertility is infertility and plenty of people with unexplained still go on to conceive.

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Oh Sara56 I'm so sorry to hear about your diagnosis & the potential impact on pregnancy. Your doctor will have your health as a top priority, I’m sure. So, while you could seek a second opinion, you may want to consider alternative options should you wish to start a family. Perhaps adoption, where you can nurture and love a little baby and show them a beautiful life, without risking your own. Best of luck to you, whatever you decide to do xxx


Sara ask your doctor if you can get your eggs frozen. If you can then do so. Then get your heart condition treated. If not then get your eggs froze and hire a surrogate. I am not well versed on surrogates but I am sure there is someone here who is!!!


Have you actually told someone that they being infertile is not important? This is meant to be a support group and people like you are putting others down during an emotionally difficult time. How would you know if unexplained infertility is worse? That's like me saying my pcos is worse than your unexplained as yours doesn't effect your physical health when mine shortens my life expectancy, increases my chance of miscarriage to nearly 50%, I'm more likely to be diabetic especially gestational diabetes, preaclampsia etc etc. However ALL infertility is just as painful and one type is not "worse" than the other.


hey! so sorry for what you have been through,

I would suggest you to first consult some of the best doctors who would probably treat you of heart disease. Once this would be sorted out then you might conceive naturally.

If this would not be the case then you must have your fertility test or scans.

There is a certain number of test procedures that often individuals have to go through just to figure out what alternatives they might take.

You must not hurry in making any sort of decision. Here I guess no one could suggest you with a clinic as long as they have no idea about what actually the case is.

Having a heart disease is not actually end of the story. There are so many alternatives that you have to seek.

I would wish you all the very best. Show up to doctors who could help you out with your heart disease and yes if you would have suggested any of the fertility clinics get yourself a good search of their official website on the internet and get the sufficient information.

Many of them are doing the really great job in overcoming infertility.


Hi there hope you are in good health. Really sorry to hear about your story. Infertility is a very hard phase of women life.It needs a lot of courage to face this time. Infertility is a common issue and I have heard somewhere that one out of every 11 women didn't able to conceive naturally. So don't lose hope, you are not only one in this boat. The good thing about you is that you didn't give up and looking for treatments like Surrogacy otherwise I have seen many couples give up and spend their whole life without kids. They don't even go for adoption. It really breaks my heart 💔.

Surrogacy is a blessing of science. It is growing very fast and many couples out there are getting positive results from this treatment.

It will surely work for you too. Do search properly for it. Talk with your second half. Things are going to be in your favor.Sending you baby dust. Virtual hugs to you love. Cheers.


Hey Sara, I hope you're doing good. It is a wise decision not to go ahead with TTC as it will not only affect you adversely but also your baby. I know a relative in my family who was also warned by the doctors that she shouldn't go ahead with TTC however, she didn't take that seriously and later her health got so much deteriorated that the doctors had to abort the child. Anyways, I think you should look into surrogacy as that will be a safety gate away to have your child. It will ensure that your child is genetically linked to you and your DH as well. The only difference will be that the embryo will develop in the surrogate's uterus other than that the baby will be yours. The clinic I opted for I made sure that they were operating legally. This is really important for them to be operating legally and also if they have proper laws and regulations they will do your treatment as reliably as possible. I also made sure that they were providing the documents of the child this was something really important for me. Apart from that, I ensured that the rights of the surrogate were also being recognized. So I would suggest that you do your proper research on that. I went to the clinic abroad as it is inexpensive as well and is providing with a lot of services. I hope the very best of luck to you. I am sure things will work out don't worry as that will affect your health. Sending lots of baby dust your way.


Sara, I know that certain health conditions pose great threats to your fertility. I am sorry for the loss and grief. I am infertile for 9 years. But my age has hindered my fertility. So after trying all the treatments, which failed miserably. Doctors recommended us surrogacy. Moreover, doctors as warned me if gestational didn't work for me then I may have to go for a donor egg. Which means that the child won't be genetically linked to me but to my husband. This unsettles me. But still, I am hopeful that this time, won't be failed. Because of experiencing different feeling and faith this time. I suggest you try assisted conception if all fails then go for surrogacy. Or consult with the fertility doctor. He would advise you more accurately and determinedly.


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