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6dp5dt Donor Embtyo

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Hi everyone!

This is my first ever foray posting in these sites but they've been my saviour and my curse during prior IVF rounds. For many reasons we have chosen to go down the donor embryo route this time.

We had the FET on 19th July after the one planned for the 18th was cancelled because the embryo quality was poor. We ended up having 2 excellent quality expanded blasts put in. For the first time ever I felt discomfort during the transfer...is this a good sign?

So anyway, I've had less 'symptoms' this time around (other than bowel/gas issues the progesterone seems to cause!) or maybe it's that I'm obsessing less? I dunno...

But I've also had WAY MORE rest than ever before. It's amazing how tired you get doing nothing much!

My hubby went and bought a pg test today...our official test dates are 2nd & 4th August but we're considering a home test maybe on Saturday- that'll be 10dpt. Has anyone else tested day 10?

I am so desperate for this to work as I'm sure many (all!) of you will understand and be in the same place. I'm not sure what I'm feeling but this is likely to be our last ever attempt and I'm not sure I'm ready to face a negative pg test ever!!!

Good luck to anyone in their journey who may be reading this 😘

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Hiya Yep I'm 8dp 5d de fet and yes I've been unable to wait and been testing the last couple of days. Some faint lines and some negative. Seems to depend on hpt brand. This is my 4th cycle but 1st with de. I was so sad last week as certain it hasn't worked. I also know the disappointment of mc following the excitement of bfp on this emotional journey. I'm not going to get too excited yet. Best wishes x

Good luck xx

CLAS in reply to Hampshiregal

Best of luck to you too! It's so hard to wait isn't it. I'm going to try and hold out to the weekend. You're the only person I'm aware of whose gone de like us. Even though those little Frosties are someone else's creation I felt wonder and awe looking at them. Just amazing. Let's hope we get to meet them. Sending you luck and love ❀️ and hope your dreams come true x

Hampshiregal in reply to CLAS

I'm de as well. Found it very hard to accept right up to walking into the room for the transfer but as soon as I had the transfer, it just felt like my body completely. It's in me, my body but I do greatly appreciate her gift. Wishing the very best to you both x

Good luck xx

Best of luck!!xx

Best of luck hun, I tested rather early lol (so impatient) just keep in mind it could come up positive but if not it is still early xxx

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