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Surgery for Septate Uterus


I was told over a year ago that I have a complete septate in my uterus. The NHS said they only remove it after someone has had several miscarriages (so cruel) so I'm looking to go down the private route. I contacted a few clinics to get a rough idea of prices but they say they can only give me a quote once I pay £250 for an initial consultation!!

Have any of you had a septate removed - is there any place you would recommend and roughly how much did it all cost. I know an inexperience surgeon can leave scar tissue or part of the septum behind - have you any recommendations on a good surgeon!

Thanks for all your help - it is so hard to find out any information online!

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Hi! So glad to hear someone who has the same issue as me!! I was told that removing it could be risky and may cause more issues than it solves, I.e the womb completely collapsing. The NHS have advised me to try ivf without the surgery first. I'd suggest maybe try ivf first rather than have the surgery and potentially make things worse... just wanted to let you know what we are doing as have the same issue! Hope it works out xxx


Hi there. Can I ask how you have gotten on with your journey? I'm in the same position and not sure whether to have the surgery and go private. Or just start ttc. Thanks.


Hi cem82.This is such an unfortunate condition, but surgery has come on in leaps and bounds in the last 15 years, resulting in many live births. When I first was a midwife, ladies had to keep enduring miscarriages in the hope that part of the womb would stretch enough to allow a pregnancy to get to a decent size for delivery - it was heart breaking as you can imaging. We are not permitted to advertise on this site, but you need to seek a specialist in the field who has performed many such surgeries, then hopefully you will be in with a good chance of having your much wanted baby. Why not get your GP to do some homework for you, and massive luckwith it all. Diane


My friend had this done and it was successful, she went on to have two lovely boys. It was many years ago now and I think her surgeon has retired but I just wanted to let you know it can help. Also, another friend with a bicornate uterus has also successfully given birth recently after 2 miscarriages. So don't give up hope x


You could also try to get referred to a different hospital who may consider undertaking this as it doesn't sound like yours have been very helpful and I am aware from personal experience that different hospitals have different ideas about treating gynaecological issues and fertility problems.

I was originally diagnosed with a bicornuate uterus from one hospital (as well as pretty severe endometriosis) but was told to crack on with IVF due to my advancing years - was 37 at the time! We then got pregnant naturally but sadly miscarried at 11 weeks - I was taken to a different hospital when I miscarried due to how bad it was and when there they reassessed me and said the initial hospital were wrong to ever put me forward for IVF without my uterus being corrected (they then informed that the initial hospital had misdiagnosed and that I had a subseptate uterus and not bicornuate) and the endo being removed as much as possible as i was just likely to miscarry again...the new hospital were so much better and 6 months later I had a successful operation with an amazing surgeon - 6 months after that we miraculously had a successful first round of IVF despite the very poor odds and am now 21 weeks pregnant after 5 years ttc and the hospital confirmed at our 20 week scan that there is no scar tissue which is adversely affecting the pregnancy and they are classifying me as low risk which I never thought I'd be!

I don't know where you live in the country and whether it is possible for you to ask to be considered by a different hospital but I would give it a try if you can as I couldnt believe how differently I was treated by one hospital in comparison to the other!

Wishing you all the very very best on your journey xxx


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