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I am new to all this, i am 24 been trying for 2.5 years my partner is 25. I have a subseptate uterus, and waiting to see whether i need surgery. I have been referred for IVF, but i have no idea what to expect. I will only get one chance on the nhs or 2 if they can freeze any. I'm nervous scared and my head is all over the place. Any advice or anyone's stories would be extremely helpful. x

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  • Hi Leah, I had my operation for a septate uterus in London on Monday. Mine is quite large, so unfortunately they could only remove 20% of it. I am having the rest removed on the 8th Feb. I have been going through treatment and test for 3 years. They wouldn't continue with treatment for me until I had the surgery. I hope they get things sorted for you. Let me know if you have any questions.xx

  • My surgeon wants to Talk to me on the 24th Feb about surgery, as he wants to give me the best possible chance of IVF working. Did they say if there is a possibility of falling pregnant naturally after you've had the surgery? Xx

  • I don't ovulate every month, so once the womb has healed, they put coils in and put you on HRT for a month to prevent scar tissue. I will be put on the injections to stimulate my ovaries. I had clomid previously but had an allergic reaction. So I'm abit of a pain in the arse for them to manage. All the best for your app. The operation is a great success for many woman, I have done my research and there are great statistics. It will enable you to carry to term, less likely of the need for C- section, and less likely to miscarry! It depends on how big your septum is, as to if they will treat it. They were insistent I had an MRI. I have been seen by 4 different doctors now. I hope you get all your answers on the 24th Feb.xx

  • I ovulate so I guess I'm lucky in that sense. I have seen 2 specialist so far, so im hoping I don't need to see anymore. Ive had to operations before to remove scar tissue, my ovary was attached to my pelvis and I had fluid around my womb. But if surgery is my only option I am willing to try anything. Its just alot to take in. Talking to you has helped so thankyou xx

  • It seems like you have been through your share already. They won't operate unless they think it's necessary. The great news is I've heard quite a few people have fallen naturally 2-4 months following the surgery, much better nest for the baby once it's done. I do hope you get the answers from them that you need. They initially believed i had a sub-septate until further scans revealed it extended down into my cervix. Keep your faith in them. St Marys is the hospital i am under, a consultant called Mr Rai who's completed the surgery several times, also research professor Regan, she's a specialist in miscarriage but covers abnormalities of the womb.xx

  • Im hoping im due a little bit of good news soon. I live in Dorset, my specialist at the hospital also has his own fertility clinic, but only comes to the hospital once a month. Im keeping everything crossed that I will have the best possible outcome. Ive been so busy focusing on the negative I haven't even thought about the positive outcomes xx

  • It's so easy to get wrapped up in the negative, it felt like a lifetime until the operation happened. They brought the date forward by a month. I had really low days and I am genuinely quite a positive person. There are times I felt like a failure as I thought I couldn't have kids, but keep going you will get there.xx

  • Sorry for the late reply. Hope your second surgery went well? Was just wondering how long it took you to recover from your first surgery? My app Is comin up so im makin a list of questions to ask, as I always seem to forget to ask about something. Hope your recovering well xxx

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