Tilted uterus ?

I had my baseline scan yesterday for our 2nd round of icsi and the lady said that my uterus was tilted! I have had a laproscopy and undergone several tests in the past 13 years to find the cause for my severe period pains which I have suffered with since my 1st period when I was 13yrs old and nobody has ever told me this. I have been  told my cervix is far back but not that my uterus is tilted. 

I started my 1st injections last night for our short protocol and I am wonder if a tilted uterus can affect the outcome of ivf ?? 

I have googled it and says you can have surgery to correct this ! Why have they never told me this before ?? Why have nobody ever picked up that it is tilted after all these years of scans ect 😠 

Any advice on this would be hugely appreciated as I am now worrying about this affecting my ivf and if it is successful this time will a tilted uterus cause a miss carriage any way ?? 

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  • I have a tilted uterus and I'm currently 19 wks pregnant.  A friend of mine is tilted as well and she conceived naturally xx 

  • Thank you for the reassurance BabyLucas congratulations on your pregnancy:) 

    I was panicking because I can't understand why this has never been picked up before ! If you don't mind me asking did u suffer with extremely painful periods ? X 

  • No not at all. I have no symptoms whatsoever I feel normal. I heard having endo causes painful period and I don't have either and I have mild endo was confirmed during lap. I only had diagnostic lap once. 

  • Fab thank you. I suffer with severe pain and they have never been diagnosed as to why but I'm thinking that this may be something to do with it. 

    Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy , your nearly half way there to meeting your little bundle of joy :) xx

  • Hi daydreamer89.  Try not to worry too much about this, for if you become pregnant it can sometimes resolve itself.  It might be an idea to speak to your specialist about it and whether you need to have a "dummy" run before embryo transfer, just to ensure it goes smoothly. In my early midwifery days, we used to tell ladies to sleep on their front with a pillow under their hips to try and encourage the womb to tilt back again.  Making love "doggy" fashion was another tip recommended when trying to get pregnant!!  Anyhow, joking apart, I hope all goes smoothly for you.  Diane

  • Thank you DianeArnold for your advice , I may sound a bit silly but what do u mean by a 'dummy ' run before transfer ? 

  • Hi.  No you're not silly at all.  It just means that they have a look and see whether your cervix can easily be accessed, so that there is no problem when doing the transfer. Diane

  • They didn't seem to have a problem on my last transfer that why I have been confused that nobody has picked this up earlier. I will definitely mention this Friday on my next scan ! Thanks k you so much x

  • Hi.  If all went well with your last transfer, then there should be nothing to worry about - you should be fine!  Won't hurt to ask though.  Diane

  • My GP told me once that mine was tilted slightly but she said it can correct itself in pregnancy, so see how you go and you might not need surgery. My periods were always painful, I was on the pill for years to help with the pain and then on strong painkillers when I came off the pill. It doesn't seem to affect pregnancy as far as I'm aware. I'm 26 weeks after IVF. I did have miscarriages after natural conceptions but the reason for it was not the tilted uterus. I don't think it's something to worry about.

  • Hi mine is tilted and told I have a "long entrance!" Transfer was difficult equipment wise and they couldn't find the uterus however I just had bfp and have my viability scan next week!! Try not to worry!!

    Sending baby dust xx

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