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Septate Uterus

Hi ladies, just looking for some more help/advice please?

I've just had my fourth excision surgery lap & dye for endometriosis on Friday 20th Nov and was supposed to be having my Fallopian tubes removed ready to start IVF as I was told 2 years ago during my last laparoscopy that my left tube was completely blocked and my right tube was mostly blocked as was 'sluggish' and only had a very slow drip with the dye test.

I awoke from my surgery to find that they didn't remove either of my tubes as have found that my left tube is not blocked at all and they don't think it ever was. My right tube is still sluggish with a slow drip. Instead they THINK that I have a wall within my womb, a septate uterus. But they didn't investigate this further during my laparascopy as they said they couldn't because they didn't have consent to.

So now I have to wait another month (in NHS terms this means at least 2!) to go back to have a scan to see if I do have this wall in my womb. Then if I have, then I will have to have another operation to remove this wall before we can move forward with anything else. (I had to wait 9 months for the date for this surgery I've just had).

I'm frustrated because I don't understand how this wasn't picked up two years ago?! And feel I've had the last two years of my life wasted. I've been led to believe that my tubes are blocked and no good when this isn't the case at all now. We've been ttc for years and this just feels like another huge set back.

I don't even know how I should feel now but the doctors just don't seem to care at all!! It was just very much a shrug of the shoulders and 'oh well this is how it is now' no apology or any attempt of an explanation at all, nothing. I'm so fed up and disheartened. This was supposed to be our final step before starting IVF but now it's another set back and a waiting game waiting for the NHS to book our next appointments. It's ALWAYS MONTHS between each appointment for us and I can just see another year flying by before anything else is even done.

Any advice or tips, help or understanding would be massively appreciated.

Thanks for listening to me moan!! xxxxx

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I have recently just had a lap & dye and hysterocoscopy and my left tube is blocked no right tube due to an ectopic pregnancy a few years ago. I am now awaiting to go back to clinic as I am going to have to go back in to see if they can unblock it, I am in the same boat couldn't do it the day I went in as didn't consent to it but obviously couldn't consent to something we didn't know about!! I hope you get an appointment and a date quickly and hope all will work out for you. X



I completely get how you feel, I too have a septate uterus which took along time to diagnose. Please push for an MRI, after my hysteroscopy it took about 2 months to have my MRI. I have now been referred to st Marys in London for surgery. I was diagnosed properly in July, and my appointment in London is on the 3rd December! Just to give you an idea of timescales. This is now the 3rd hospital I have been under. I live in Devon, so abit of a nightmare to travel to London. My surgery should either be in December or January. Following the surgery you wait 3 months for the womb to recover, they put some hormone coils in your womb to speed up the recovery process! Stay strong, I have had really low points. I am too being treated by the NHS, and the wait is the hardest. Let me know if you want any info. They told me over a year ago following a HSG that initially they thought I had a partial septate, but the 1st doctor stated it wouldn't affect me getting pregnant. Now it has been diagnosed that I have a full wall down the whole of my uterus & cevix that it is that problem. The main positive is that it can be fixed. All the best with everything.xx


Thank you for your help, I'll definitely push for scans etc ASAP I'm sick of all this waiting around! I just want everything to be fixed now! I appreciate this all takes time but it's been going on all in all for 15 years for me now. Thank you for your advice though xxx


It's the waiting I think is the most frustrating part. It really got me down, and most people don't understand. They told me the only way they can 100% diagnose a septate is with an MRI, it would of saved me years of waiting. Your entitled to it, so fingers crossed they do it for you!x


Hi BibiPage. Moan away! You’ve obviously been through so much waiting and seems some wasted time, you need to rant a little. I agree with “KeeKee21” and would push for an MRI scan, so that you get a “proper” diagnosis regarding your bi-cornuate uterus. I realise that you have been through so much already, but it’s good that this has been discovered now, so that it can be dealt with before you get pregnant. It would be just awful to suffer a miscarriage or very premature birth because of this, and not previously knowing it was there. When you are eventually referred for surgery, then always make sure that anything pertaining to your tubers can be dealt with at the same time, if necessary. I do hope that you don’t have to wait too long for all this to be sorted, and of course, when it eventually is, you ar3e successful. Diane


Thank you so much for your replies ladies. I have asked my GP to refer me for an MRI although he seemed reluctant but I stood my ground and explained my frustrations. I'm still waiting to hear from the hospital with reference to my follow up appointment as well xx

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