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Need advice!


I haven't posted in a while. My last post was shortly after I found out I had an amh of 0.68 and fsh of 16.1 and I'm only 31. Told me there wasn't anything I could do nor could they fund me via NHS.

Since then, I have had further appointments and they have decided to give me 6 months of clomid. I literally begged for it just to see what happens and as a last chance saloon before I go down the private IVF route. Every time I go for an appointment, I go in feeling positive and always come away feeling that there is no hope as the specialist seems to put down everything I have the tiniest bit of hope for.

Anyways, I had to go back last week as I'd had my first 3 months of clomid and they neeeded to prescribe a further 3 months. They initially gave me 50mg and I ovulated day 21 on my first month and had the most horrific period that month. Cycle 2 I didn't have an ovulation and only a 2 day light period. I am currently on cycle 3 and tested for ovulation up to day 21 and it didn't show (then went away on holiday hence not testing for the rest). That said, I'm currently on day 42 and still have no sign of a period and negative hpg. I have bloated feelings to the sides and had (sorry for this) thick clear discharge about ten days ago. I've phoned the hospital and they've just said wait or if I want I can go through my gp to be referred for an unltrasiund if I'm worried - but that's a 6 week wait so I don't see the point.

I'm waiting to take cycle four tablets at up to 100mg but wondering if anyone has had a really late bfp or any other advice on what this might be? Last time we had sex was over two weeks ago so surely it would show by now. Don't know what to do - any advice or nice stories are very welcomed 🙏

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I really recommend the book, Inconceivable by Julia Indochova. I too had a very very low AMH of 3.20 4 years before i did IVF - which worked, first time. So my AMH would have been a lot lower by the time I did IVF (and I'd had pretty big surgery on my ovaries for stage 4 endo since the AMH measurement:.

Julia, was based in NY and had a much higher FSH and was told she couldn't bring it down but she did. I found the book motivating and inspiring. A little irritating in parts, but the overall message worked for me.

Your FSH is a bit high but I am sure there are things that can lower it a few points. I have also known others who have conceived with lower AMH than 1 with endo too.

Warning on the book, it was secondary infertility. But, I still found the book really helpful in kicking me up the bum to eat better, and take better care of myself. (Which I know is frustrating when I have all sorts of unhealthy friends who get pregnant at the drop of a hat.)..

I wasn't funded by the NHS either, which was so frustrating given that Id first approached the Dr officially when I was 36, and had confirmed diagnosis of stage 4 endo with bilateral ovarian endometrioma - which had clearly been the cause of my infertility - but that still wasn't enough for my Dr to fund me. Completely against NICE guidelines but i felt I didnt have the time to fight it.

I was 39 nearly 40 when I had IVF. I'd prepared for a number of months before, with some breaks. But it was mainly eating well, and organic and walking a fair bit too. Gave up caffeine, ate nutritious foods - i do think it all helped. I was given a max 10% chance of IVF working by the guy that operated on me. He tried to put me off, he talked about egg donor but i thought Id give my own eggs a few tries.. only took one try but I know I was lucky. But sometimes, it just takes that 1 good egg. I know its all about luck and timing, but you have to try it...

Hoe this makes sense as i am typing this late and am so tired. Keep us updated xxx


Hey Rach, my heart goes out to you, it's such an awful process. I didn't get on with Chlomid at all, it's screwed up my cycles real bad and also sent me bat shit crazy!!

My AMH is 4.6 and FSH was 10 2 years ago so I'm sure that has increased too, ive had 5 rounds of IVF, 1 donor egg IVF and am just about to try my 7th!

My advice to you is don't delay, I would go and seek private advice soon so you can work out your plan for he future. These things always take longer than expected too. Good luck xxx

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Hi Rach2585. So sorry to read you have been having a not too positive go with treatment at the moment. I must admit I was surprised that you had been prescribed Clomid with such hormone results, but I can fully understand why you wanted to try them. However, maybe it's time to re-think, as they don't seem to be suiting you. I wondered whether a mild form of IVF might be the way to go. If they can coax a couple of eggs that want to come out, rather than being forced out, you could be in with a chance. This is just my thought, and obviously you need to talk it over with a specialist. It might be an idea to have a session of counselling too if you haven't already done so, in order to talk over how you are feeling right now. obviously I do wish you well with whatever you do decide,and of course for success. Thinking of you. Diane

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Thanks to you all for your lovely replies. I will take on board all you have said and also get that book.

Will give the AF until the end of the week to see if it arrives. If not, will have to contact the doctors and see what happens.

I'm going for a reiki session this week as I've read a few good things about it so hopin for anything to work really. Will see how I get on with that for now but hoping to get some acupuncture as well. Thanks again ladies, I really appreciate it x

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Hi rach just wanted to say I'm thinking of you I know it's an incredibly difficult and frustrating situation as I've got low amh and high fsh too and found this out at 31 and I know it's just heart breaking to accept. I'm considering mild/ natural ivf privately as think this will be the best ivf plan for me. Hope you enjoy reiki and find it relaxing xxx

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Thank you! Will let you know how I get on and if it's any good. Best of luck on your journey as well xx

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