FET is this classed as your second cycle?

Hi I've recently had iVF and it unfortunately failed our embie didn't stay and now I'm having that awful dreaded period. My question is I have two frozen embryos for my treatment next. Is this part of your first cycle or is this classed as your second through the NHS ? Any help would be appreciated as this isn't really told to you by the nurses. Xx

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  • Hi. I'm with NHS and they class fresh cycles only as a cycle so I can have as many frozen ones as I like. X

  • Oh wow I will ask at my appointment next about this but I hope it's the same for me too. Thank you x

  • Hiya, each clinic may be different but my fet was still classed within my 1st cycle. I only got 1 go on the nhs but this included 1 x fresh and 1 x frozen. Hope this helps xx

  • This is really helpful thank you. I hope you were successful in yours x

  • Hiya, I think every clinic is different.. I get 6 cycles which include a max of 3 fresh but if I have enough frozen embryos I have to use them before a fresh cycle if that makes sense. So my 2 FET cycles were classed as cycles 2&3 out of my 6 x

  • Makes sense. Wow 6 is this NHS? Good luck x

  • this is amazing - where do you live?!

  • Yeah it's on the NHS, I know we are VERY lucky. I'm in Bedfordshire. I think it's so unfair that it comes down to postcode lottery and age x

  • 6? holy shit?!

    i get one fresh & one frozen in my PCT.

    next round we'll pay for.,,.

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