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Second cycle cancelled

Today was my day 18 scan, two follies (5 and 9 mm each) and blood work showed that they were not maturing at the expected rate so i was asked to stop meds for this cycle from today💔 Clinic Asked us to schedule another app in a month or so to discuss what can be done in future!

Feeling real broken as broken as can be , just feeling would we ever make it is it even written for us and all! Its not easy not at all had my husbandz shoulder to take it all out on but its tough and it will take some time for me to take it all in! I appreciate and wish all you ladies lots of luck and would love to hear your storys always👍

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Hi Hopeful2016. So sorry to hear this, as it seems to be almost a repeat of last time?? Obviously, when you have picked yourselves up again from this awful shock you will need to discuss any other options that would work better for you. If you are ovulating regularly, albeit with a low AMH then maybe they could try a natural/slightly medicated cycle, so that you are using an egg that wants to come out naturally - I don't know - so many questions that need answers. Try and take time for yourselves for now, so that you can recover. Thinking of you. Diane

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I'm really sorry. ET on our 3rd round (DE) had to be cancelled and done a month later as my lining wouldn't do the one bit we needed it to. I was gutted and there was nothing I could do to improve things so I was completely powerless. Although it might be the best clinical decision it is so frustrating and as you say heart breaking.

Book the appointment to discuss next steps, if you are not feeling up to it you can always reschedule for another time.


So sorry to hear, sending you big hugs xxx


Aw sorry to hear this, go to your appointment armed with all your questions xxx


So sorry for you. My first cycle was cancelled due to practically no response to drugs. This time they doubled the dose and things are hopefully going ok. I know how it feels to not even get to EC but hopefully they'll know what to do differently for next time. x


I'm so sorry to hear this. My second cycle was cancelled due to poor response (only one follicle). The clinic did offer us to convert the cycle to IUI which we did. I'm now 16 weeks pregnant.

I'm not sure if you've tried IUI before IVF but it was something we were never offered due to my age and length of time we had been trying. It was really only offered so that we would get another Nhs funded IVF cycle.

Perhaps it's something you could discuss with your clinic. We didn't think for one second it would work.

Take care x


I am so touched and thankful for all your support... Like the stage i am at even a word can mean a mountain of support👍 Thank you for the positive vibes and love😘



It's so hard isn't it 😥 everyone is different and deals differently with this.

All I know is, from falling as low as I've ever fallen, thinking I'd never get up again i have.

Cheesy but time helps, every day it gets a little easier, you feel a little better.

Take as much time as you need, do what feels right for you.

When your feeling a little better make sure you write down any questions you have no matter how silly they may seem. If they popped into your head there's a reason why.

Sending you a massive hug


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