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Hydrosalpinx - FET cycle


Hi everyone, after 3 failed transfers and 2 cancellled cycles, we are mid way through a FET cycle. After my scan yesterday and thinking we were heading to a transfer on friday, the scan has found i have Hydrosalpinx in one of my tubes. I have stage 4 endometriosis and do develop cysts on my ovaries quite quickly 1 of which ruptured last year!

The doctors have given us the decision of what to do with this cycle but have been told the chances of this transfer working will be reduced by 50% if we go ahead with it, if we dont ive been told ill have to have the tube capped. After being so positive on getting this far i feel like this new blow has really taken it out of me. My sister has just had a little boy and whilst im super happy for her (family dont know about the IVF) the news about the hydrosalpinx has just floored me and i really dont know what to do. Its our last embryo on this round and whilst we do have another round available to us, it just feels like my body is constantly against us ever getting pregnant. Has anyone else been through this? x

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I’ve been through something different but had to go through the opp before I could start to check my tubes etc. I would suggested getting it clipped before you start your next round they may be able to remove some endo and any cysts at the same time. It feels like a horrible horrible set back at the time but could help you avoid a negative result xx

Thank u x

Good luck xx

Difficult decision but take time yo think clearly and best wishes whatever you decide x

glorygirl in reply to Autumnmoon

👍🏻 think i know what i need to do its just hard accepting the set backs sometimes x


Hi glorygirl. Unfortunately, there is always a chance of excess lubrication leaking from the hydrosalpinx into the womb, often believed to hinder implantation of a developing embryo. Good luck with your decision. Diane

Thank u, its just hard when we’re so close to the transfer to be told this but think i know what ive got to do. Thank u for ur advice x

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to glorygirl

Thinking of you. Diane

Hi there, this also happened to me. I went ahead with the transfer but it failed. Ive just had surgery to remove that tube as it decreases by 50%.... the other tube is open so trying naturally at the mo. Good luck.... best to get removed or clipped xx

glorygirl in reply to destiny121

Thank u, did your surgery go ok? x

destiny121 in reply to glorygirl

Surgery was fine, was expecting both tubes to go.... but was amazed i left with one 😊

glorygirl in reply to destiny121

Glad it went well x

Can't you freeze the egg that you have, get the opportunity and then have it transferred? That will then still be counted as the first shot?

I almost had my fet delayed as they thought they saw a hydrosalpinx - turned out it wasn't. But the clinic would not proceed with a transfer if there was as the fluid is poisonous and will stop implantation or cause issues after that.

Good luck. Xxx

glorygirl in reply to Camillage

Thank u x

I was diagnosed this in both tubes after several miscarriages. I was in agony with it and it showed in a scan. If visible on a scan there's normally a lot of fluid there as normally tubes cannot be seen on scans. As per what Diane Arnold has wrote I was advised that the tube would need to be removed before commencing to ivf. On having the op, both were removed as fluid was seen in both, of which is fairly common for it to mirror in the other tube too, so both mine went. I was then able to be accepted for ivf. Took me a while to come to terms with as means ivf is my only hope, but the pain I was in was agony, and it turned out there was a 5cm Tumor growing off my tube which probably was what was causing the pain. Different situation to yours but I wouldn't risk using your previous embie until this is sorted, as much as you will feel huge disappointment in having to cancel, its worth it to know you've given it the best possible chance xx

Hi ladies just thought id give an update, i decided to go back on wednesday for another scan, turned out they couldnt see any hydrosalpinx on this scan which was confusing but it did mean we could continue with the plan. We had the transfer of our last embryo of this cycle this afternoon so 2ww now so fingers crossed this work🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 xx

Camillage in reply to glorygirl

Good luck xx

I had hydrosalpinx on my first private go and I was told to stop freeze sort but I choose to carry on and my cycle was unsuccessful I had a tune removed as the hydosalpinx had damaged it too much and was told to try naturally for 6 months and then try ivf but I actually just have up after nothing happened then I decided I really wanted to try so went to the doctors and went through nhs after lots of test more laps and scans it was found the hydrasalpinx had return in my remaining tube and the nhs wouldn’t allow me to start my cycle until I had it sorted which I had clipped in December then I had my treatment in July and was successful and I had my little boy early on the 6th March, and I truly believe that if they allowed me to continue without sorted the hydrosapinx I wouldn’t be where I am now. So I would highly recommend sorted out the hydrosapinx before you continue your cycle, mbira I wish you lots of luck whatever you choose x

I had a failed transfer with a hydrosalpynx. I feel that the doctors gave me bad advice to proceed and I wasted an embryo. I had surgery for endometriosis and had the tube removed (it had flipped inside out and scarred shut) and now I’m on my third pregnancy since. I know it sucks to have to wait, but it’s worth it. I had my surgery January 8th last year, stayed on the pill the whole time, and then had a transfer February 22. So it only delayed it a little over a month. Unfortunately that pregnancy and the next ended in miscarriage, but I don’t think I would have even gotten pregnant with a hydrosalpynx.

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