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Here we go again.. Started FET meds


That's us officially started our 2nd FET. I remember last time being a mixture of excited and nervous. This time so far I feel nothing.. I think I'm reluctant to get any sort of hopes up so I'm just going through the motions.

Im convinced that we'll get a BFN this time after being lucky enough to get a BFP with our first transfer even though it then resulted in an early loss.

I know I should be more positive.. Im working on it and hopefully by the time we do transfer I'll be a little more upbeat.

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Just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world for this next part in your journey ✨💖🙏🏼🍀xxxx

Thanks so much xo

Hey, completely understand you not wanting to get your hopes up.....been here so many times now and its tough! Im feeling a bit the same, Im terrified that we've had 2xBFP's now and that we wont be lucky enough to get anymore! One step at a time....we'll get there!xx

Aw have you started again? Thank you and best of luck xo

Thank you! Yes, Im on meds too! Im just waiting for the clinic to review my latest scan and was gonna post an update up!xxx

Aw brilliant.. Good luck! Xo

Good luck...x

Thank you xo

Aww I can totally understand why you wouldn’t want to get your hopes up but if it can happen the first time, no reason why you won’t get a BFP the second time. Have the clinic looked in to why you had the early loss and adjusted your meds at all? Wishing you so many positive vibes xx

Thank you.. No they're putting it down to just one of those things and keeping everything the same xo

Well that’s kind of a good thing I guess. Meaning they don’t think anything was wrong. Fingers crossed for you xx

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