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Ectopic Pregnancy?

So, 3 weeks ago was the happiest day of my life when I got my first ever BFP! I've wanted children since my early 20s, had been told we would never conceive naturally, been ttc for 4 years & had 3 failed rounds of IVF then a miracle happened. Since then my whole world has fallen apart!

Christmas Day I ended up in hospital with pains, HCG was 783 at that point. I had a scan & was told that it was a PUL (pregnancy of unkown location). The corpus luteum was on my left & they couldn't see my right ovary properly but could see something outside of my uterus on the right but it was probably just bowel showing up. My HCG had gone down to 183. Anyway, I was told that it was obviously a non-viable pregnancy & to expect to miscarry.

2 days later my HCG was down to 172 so they booked me in for bloods a week later. I had a bleed which started on NYE & thought it must all be over then my HCG shot back up to 365 when I was tested yesterday.

I've been advised that I may have an ectopic pregnancy but I have no pain, no tenderness, no pregnancy symptoms anymore. I'm not having another blood test for a week & I just can't cope. I can't concentrate on anything & panicking about having a ruptured tube & the problems that could be associated with that. I think I'm also imagining stomach aches!

Has anyone had a similar experience?? I just want it to all be over so that I can get back to my life & maybe achieve a real & succesful pregnancy.

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Dear I feel for what you are going through. To see u r pregnant and then to realise it s in d wrong place. U must utterly devastated. I was in a similar situation last year. Please u need to be closely monitored as if it ruptures it's fatal. My gynae thought it's best to surgically remove it because it can cause repeated problems. So I got it removed but I think it was best thing to do. Bcoz I was suffering when they were monitoring me. It was really anguishing to go to epu to see ur beta rising or not lot lowering but all in d wrong direction.

Different clinic have different thoughts some may administer you with some injections which should reduce d growth. But even during that process there'll always be a chance of rupture or some complications later on. My best friend had an ectopic and she got injections but she regretted it later as it created hassles later. But there are many in this site who were fine with d injections. So basically ur dr should be the one who'll take d call looking at ur reports. Which clinic are you?


We are no longer with the fertility clinic as we were so disappointed with the number of mistakes they made during our NHS funded cycles. The last cycle we had was in Barcelona which unfortunately didn't work. We had decided to keep trying naturally to save for another round & then miraculously conceived only to be presented with this hell!

The EPAC clinic at my local hospital are therefore monitoring me at the moment but they said that HCG can go up & down a little bit from day to day so they would have to leave it a week before testing again.

It's scary as well as upsetting.

Did your scan show the ectopic pregnancy then? The docs are really confused with mine as they couldn't see anything & if the egg was released in the left ovary then it shouldn't be in the right tube if that is what they could see on the scan. No gestational sac in the uterus at 5.5 weeks though 😕

Have you gone on to have any further pregnancies since then? Xx


Yes even I was released to my gynaecologist epu. Who were monitoring me. No @ 5 weeks is to early to spot it on scan. You will have to wait and watch basically. My ectopic was Visible on 6-7week . And they took blood every alternative day . And scan about twice a week.

No u see I'm an endo patient have been trying last 4 years that was last year my 4th ivf. I'm still feel very fragile from d while experience to try again really. But hopefully would try again.

Don't worry as long as u t monitored u should be fine .

I know I've gone through this living hell. So can feel u gurl. You are a strong woman. Any questions feel free to ask .

Sending u hugs and 🙏🙏🙏


Bless you, I saw from your bio you also had a miscarriage before that. You've had so much to deal with yourself! I hope there were no further complications from the ectopic?

IVF is so draining isn't it, I remember the first time being so excited & just assumed it would work first time, it never occurred to me that it could fail really.

I hope that you find the strength to continue with your journey too & that you achieve your miracle xxxxxxx


Well it was too hard to understand for what should I be happy about and what should I be sad about. Should I be thankful that my life has been saved bcoz of early detection or should be sad that I lost my baby again. I struggle emotionally. But it doesn't hamper ur further IVF treatment.

I'm thinking of trying again.

It's really hard to brush off so much grit and memories and get going again.

I will pray that both of us and everyone in similar situations get to hold their dreams one day in their arms. That'll wash away all this pain for once and for all.



Thank you, I will too xxxxx

I really can't imagine how you must feel and am just sending you all my love to help you through. Xxxxxxx


I'm so sorry to read this , such a horrible experience. In November I had an ectopic pregnancy at 6 weeks , but like you , before that I had a week of my HCG levels doubling every second day and no pain or Sympyoms associated with ectopic. After a week of scans they finally found it in my right tube.

They do need to monitor you carefully in case your tube does rupture. They would nt let me home as long as my levels were doubling and they couldn't find it on scan ( I was also bleeding quite heavily ) that week of being in limbo was pure hell and as bad as its sounds I had a sense of relief when they finally found it. Such a hard thing to go through and I'm sorry to hear this is happening to you X

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What made them think yours was ectopic to start with or was it just a coincidence that you were scanned early and then they couldn't find the pregnancy? Thank god they realised something was wrong early on for you. Have you had any complications resulting from this?

I actually had quite a bit of pain at the end of the day yesterday & have spent the night in hospital for monitoring. Going to have another scan at some point this morning. It's so strange because I want something resolved but at the the same time I really don't want them to find a problem!



I fully understand , it's so horrible just sitting and waiting. They brought me in as I was bleeding heavily and had mild cramp on one side. Then when me levels kept rising they felt it was ectopic.

I have healed well from the surgery and have ny review appoint in 2 weeks so I'm hoping to start round 2 then.

I hope you get some answers soon X


Thank you 😊

I really hope you have some luck with your next cycle and it's good to hear you won't have any complications due to the ectopic. Must admit that is one of my biggest worries, I don't want any more problems that could affect my chance of conceiving even more. It's nice to hear that you are recovering well & there is some hope xxxxxxx


If you have r tube removed it does reduce your chances of conceiving naturally but you still totally can , just reduces your chances, but my consultant told me it Doesn't effect your IVF treatment as they don't need your tubes.

I was just in shock it ended up in my tubes as I saw it going into my uterus during transfer! But apparently it bounced around and it's rare but it can happen we were just very unlucky :(

I'm glad they are keeping you in, thank you for your best wishes. It's such a hard journey sometimes and my heart breaks to read that you are going through this but you will come out the other side X


it's unbelievable really that it can be in your uterus to start with & then bounce off into the tube. The positive thing for you is that you had a nice strong one & therefore it can happen again. Keeping everything crossed for you!! Do you have any frozen embryos?My scan hasn't shown anything of concern so hopefully just a little bit of tissue left somewhere that will eventually come out or be absorbed. Feeling relieved but still so confused! No idea why I keep having the pain on my right side either.



What about r HCG levels are they going up or down at the moment?

Golly I wonder what that pain is, please god they get to the bottom of this soon for you. Wishing you all the best xx


They've found it now. It's in my left tube next to the ovary so having to decide whether to operate or go for methotrexate injection. Have come home to try & get my head around everything. They have no idea why my pain is on the opposite side but said "the body does weird things"

HCG was up on a Friday, down a tiny bit yesterday & I haven't been tested today as they say it's too soon. I can have the op/injection tomorrow if I want to, or can wait for more bloods & scan on Friday before deciding. They were saying they thought it was better to operate though. Xxx


Know it sounds daft but I was relieved when they finally found it so I could get out of the limbo of not knowing, but I am so sorry to hear it ended up being ectopic. Before they found it they asked us to make some decisions between injection and surgery. In the end the decision was taken out of my hands and they went with surgery as my tube was rupturing. I am guessing they have giving you info about both. I guess if you could save your tube that would be a good thing. I think with the injection they become very familiar with your veins and they need to monitor your bloods for about a month.

Its such a tough decision, but your right just to try and process it all and talk to your partner about it. Its so hard x


I'm so sorry to hear this, I know how you feel with eptopic, I've had 2 and both resulting in my tubes been removed and resulting in why I need Ivf. Please becareful as resulted above can be very dangerous. If you feel like you need to go to a & e I would go just to be safe xx


Oh my god, I don't even know what to say, that must have been so awful for you. Have you had any ivf cycles yet? I wish you all the luck in the world xxxxx

I did actually go to A&E yesterday afternoon as I started getting quite sharp pains in my right hand side & have spent the night in hospital but the pain has subsided now thankfully. I'm having another scan this morning.



Yeh it's been pretty tough but had to do my best to deal with it. I've had one cycle of Ivf and unfortunately it hasn't worked. I'm just waiting for my review now.

So glad you have gone to the hospital as it can be scary, hopefully everything is going to be ok for you.

I'm here if you need anything xx


Thank you 😘

I am so sorry to hear the ivf hasn't worked but give yourself a little time to recover in between. The drugs really take it out if you & i found my hormones were all over the place! You need time to heal in between xxxxxx


I'm so sorry you are going through this. I had an ectopic in June and that followed a m/c the previous year. They were both pre-IVF but we've been trying for a long while. We were on holiday abroad when I had a mild bleed (red blood) and the local hospital checked me out and said they could see something in the uterus but too early. That night I had terrible pain on my right side and another doctor said it was unrelated to pregnancy but gave me some meds to get me home. I was fine on the flight home but the pain returned so I went to my GP who referred me to the EPU. I was seen next day and immediately saw blood in my uterus and knew it was all over. They operated that night as they could tell it was ectopic and I was just about 6 weeks. They took the tube as well. We were devestated but determined to try IVF. We had a BFP on Christmas Eve following our IVF round and I'm currently 6weeks + 4 pregnant. I'm paranoid it will happen again but trying to be positive! There is hope after ectopic but it takes time to get over it and is totally devastating - I cried so much the nurse thought I'd had a reaction to the eye covers they put on during surgery - they were just black from crying so much!

Wishing everyone all the best xx


Oh bless you, you've had such a horrible journey but what an amazingly happy ending to it. Congratulations!! Keep positive & I wish you lots of luck with your pregnancy. I assume you will have a scan quite soon to put your mind at rest?

On a good note, my scan has shown nothing of concern so hopefully wherever it was, it has resolved itself. Xxxxxx


Oh that's great news!

Yes, scan week after next when I'll be 8 weeks - if all ok after that will be anxious until the 12 week scan and then the next and the next ....... I'm learning that the 2ww is just the first part but better than getting a BFN.



You must let me know how it goes!! Keeping everything crossed for you!

Unfortunately the doc did find an ectopic pregnancy in the end after the sonographer said she thought it was all ok. So now I need to make a decision about whether to have the op or try methotrexate. The doc would prefer to operate & my hubby thinks it would be best too so just need to come to terms with it myself now.



Oh I'm so sorry. What a terrible choice. Big hugs and glad you have hubby to support you - they come in handy at times like this. Get plenty of rest and be kind to yourself xx


Oh poor u . I'm really feeling sorry for you. But unfortunately this is d situation u r in. It's really gruelling. I hope d drs tell u what's d best for you. I think surgically is d best bcoz in d future d tube with ectopic would be blocked and might create problems. But in d end it's ur call.



I agree, there are no guarantees that the tissue would be reabsorbed so could just cause more problems. It's such a hard decision to make though. The doc would prefer to operate & my hubby thinks the same xxxx


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