OTD....should be happy but worried silly...is it ectopic??!

So today is the big day....OTD!! Just had the call from the hospital to say I am definitely pregnant and have great hcg levels...yay!!...


I am worried sick that it's an ectopic as since 1dpt I've felt "something" in my lower left abdomen, right in my pelvis area. I literally felt it implanting and the feeling hasn't gone away since. It doesnt hurt but I know it's there.

I mentioned it to my acupuncture man last Thursday and he started asking me about my symptoms and now I realise he was asking about ectopic stuff. I've been online (yes Google is not my friend) and there's basically naff all I can do about it until my scan which is booked for the 25/7....so now instead of being able to relax a little and enjoy my pregnancy I am stressing and anxious about this.

Has anyone else had a similar feeling after their bfp or indeed suffered an ectopic and can give me any advice?

This is worse than the 2ww by a long shot! Thanks 😣😒😣


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  • I did deep down in my left ovary. It's always the ovary that I feel around ovulation too. I still get niggly cramps after everything I've been through, throughout my whole cycle. But I was worried when I was pregnant. However it wasn't ectopic and fingers crossed neither will yours be 🀞 xx

  • Ah me too with the ovary thing. I've always felt when I've ovulated and thats exactly what it feel like now. This has made me feel much better! xx

  • You're welcome 😊 Honestly I even did a post about the pain xx

  • I understand. I got my pregnancy test result as pregnant yesterday, I thought no more worry on wait- but I have been worrying about all sorts, I can't even begin to say! I feel like does one have to worry on every step? I actually worry of losing the pregnancy and feel like testing again today! But I should enjoy the goodnews. Enjoy the good news and try not to worry xxxx

  • I got mine sat and managed not to test yesterday but tested again today before I went for my bloods! Then worried that the line wasn't any darker (it was already pretty dark Saturday!) I've just bulk bought a load of cheapie tests from ebay so somethings tell me my testing obsession isn't going away anytime soon lol! xxx

  • Oh please what website did you bulk buy from, send me the link so I can order. Bought clear blue digital about Β£11 to Β£12 pounds. Tested yesterday. Then tested today just after texting you that we should enjoy it. I do not have any pregnancy symptoms at moment aside farting if farting is classed as symptom of pregnancy. I was relieved to find that the pregnancy is still there today- so yes, I understand. I might probably test tomorrow as well! Lol xxxx

  • I just bought 20 x little strip test things from ebay for a couple of quid. Now I know I'm pregnant I don't need anything fancy. Just search for pregnancy tests on ebay and you get loads of cheap ones come up.

    I've had loads of side effects which until Saturday I put down to the progesterone. I actually have less symptoms now than before! Still got a bit of dizzyness and nausea and today I'm thoroughly exhausted (but that's probably me just winding down from the 2ww)...who knows! I'm gonna take a deep breath now and just go with the flow!! xxx

  • I was not offerred a blood test for pregnancy. My doctor days urine test is enough. Where you offered blood pregnancy test as part of your ivf protocol or did you request for it seperately? Can a private ivf patient get pregnancy blood test on the nhs? xx

  • My clinic is nhs and they offer it as standard but I know lots don't. I think some ladies have managed to get their bloods done at their gp (just go in and tell them how stressed it's making you!)...good luck xxx

  • I know nothing about ectopic pregnancies (amazingly the one thing that can go wrong that I haven't googled yet!) but my clinic did say they weird pains in weird places are common at the moment. So try not to worry. But I totally understand the worry. I got my BFP on the weekend and thought I would be happy. Instead I'm paralysed by fear I will lose it. I can't stop worrying, and checking every time I go to the loo. I'm a basket case!! Xx

  • I'm so with you on all of that. I just want to chill for a little while and hopefully now I've posted and shared my worries, I'll settle down a bit (weird I know!) I so didn't want to become a crazy and was desperate not to post, but I couldn't find anything online like I am experiencing...so thought I'd come to you guys instead. You lot never fail to cheer me up!! xxx

  • I hear you. I would love to relax and enjoy this, but I'm just so scared to - self preservation instinct I guess. But it is driving my DH mad! Every little niggle or cramp and I'm rushing to the loo to make sure there is no bleeding. I am constantly googling (even though google can't tell me what I want to hear). Urgh! I have totally become the crazy person I never thought I was!! X

  • I know this feeling well. I am turning into crazy lady here. We had our bfp last week and have worried ever since. Was happy test day but now am just scared and the pressure is mounting. Roll on scan day so I can try and relax.

    I am also a loo roll checker after each wee 😳xx

  • How do we stop it??! I'm not going to last to scan day at this rate!! When is your scan day? Mine isn't until 21st, which feels an age away...

  • Sorry to say ladies but I don't think you can stop it. I was exactly the same. No one understood, they just said "You're pregnant, you should be happy!?" and I was happy but I couldn't just switch off with the worry. This period of time, in my experience, is worse than the tww!

    Good luck on all of your scans ladies. Wishing you all happy and healthy pregnancies πŸ€ xx

  • Same day as you Hun!! Off on holiday today for a week so will prob be even more neurotic while away. Xx

  • Thanks Tugsgirl. I'm glad we at least all have each other here to understand the highs and lows. Hormonalmess - super jealous of your holiday - that is a great way to try and distract yourself. I'm stuck at work behind a computer all day which doesn't help - Dr Google is just a mouse click away...

  • I've found a new obsession now....googling beta numbers at 11dp5dt which is when mine were measured. Lord help me lol!! xxx

  • My clinic doesn't do bloods so at least I can't google that as I have no idea what mine are (although that in itself worries me...!)

  • Hello,

    I had an ectopic pregnancy back in 2012, i was just over 7 weeks pregnant and if im being completely honest i didn't have a clue. I used to get really bad cramps when i was due on so didnt think much about any pains when i did experience them.

    I was at my friends house and got severe abdo pains where i went dizzy felt sick and then fainted outside, I then come back around and fainted again. We called an ambulance they come and checked me over said i was okay and to go walk in center the next day just for a check up, luckily i did!

    I was then told i was pregnant, they sent me for an early scan to make sure everything was okay and thats where they found no baby in the womb i was first told that it was a miscarriage and to go back in a few days to check my hormone level, when i went back my hormone had raised so no miscarriage!! I then got rushed into theater to have my tube removed as it was erupting :| so i had a bad experience.

    Try not to worry to much, if you can maybe try and get a private scan just to ease your mind!xx

  • Hey hun, I am 10dp5dt. I had to go to A and E on Saturday night as had awful pain low down on right hand side. I actually found out whilst at hospital via blood test that I am pregnant. But basically the pain is being caused by my right ovary tilting forwards. It is still quite swollen since the egg collection and will take some time to go down. The pain was really bad and I only feel ok when I am lying down as it goes back into normal position then. I would say go and get a scan done at your clinic so they can check. I went this morning and my clinic also told me that it is possible to still get OHSS at this stage and it can be made worse by the pregnancy hormones. When I raised the possibility of it being an ectopic pregnancy they said it is too early to get the symptoms for that as this stage so mine is most probably swollen ovary. I hope you will feel better soon, and keep us posted xxxx

  • Aw thanks and sorry to hear about your traumatic weekend! This was a fet so egg collection was back on March. ..my left ovary did feel very much like this after ec though so it's probably something to do with that. I suppose I'm just having trouble believing my luck so am just waiting for something to go wrong πŸ˜•...congratulations on your bfp!! xxx

  • Massive congratulations on your bfp xxx

  • congrats on the bfp!

    Have you googled round ligament pain Just to see if it fits that? Ive had it all the way from the 2ww which has felt very similar to af cramps.

  • emmab178 thats what I was told it was too X

  • I thought it could be but that shouldn't happen until 2nd trimester. However much I try and tell myself it's gone away, I can still feel it niggling away by my left ovary (practically on the hip bone) xx

  • Diane assured me it was the most likely cause.. and like I said, I wasn't ectopic xx

  • I'm actually coming round to the fact it can't be that as it's been there since 1dpt. They used ultrasound sp it's not like it could have immediately rolled straight up my fallopian tube could it? xxx

  • Hiya! Thanks πŸ˜„ It's definitely not like an af cramps. I haven't really had any of those. Its more of a niggling feeling like something is there and needs to pop! xx

  • I've had so many cramps/niggles etc that I've stopped googling and accepted its stretching.

    The worst is sneezing and getting a huge stabbing pain on the left or right that leaves me breathless and on occasion has made me drop to my knees. (Got me out of the housework :-) ) That started after about 6 weeks and can still catch me out.

    Currently getting short stabbing pains shooting up on the left or right that freaked me out but I've resigned myself to it being my new normal. And I'm cooking a giant so it's probably her getting comfy for a nap.

  • That's exactly what mine was like too Oakey80, a needling type sensation in my left ovary xx

  • Ah thank you. Once again you've put my mind at rest! xxx

  • I think most us waiting for our 6/7 week scan are the same! I've got a week to go and have been super anxious since the day after the BFP. I keep meditating and trying to stay calm. I get excited and then tell myself not to get carried away and then get quite negative soon after. All in all just scared!

    I've had various twinges and sharp pains all the way along the 2ww. I thought they were ovary pains but also now getting lower and more central, sometimes a little crampy. I think they're implantation and now ligament pains as some now feel like stretching. I think pains in general seem to be quite normal so try not to worry too much.

    I did have a bit of a scare if you look back at my posts with severe low abdo pain which lasted about half an hour and I completely passed out, face planting the floor (the bridge of my nose is still very bruised!) They called me up to the clinic for a scan and it's definitely not ectopic. I don't really know what the pain was but so far so good 😊 so you just never know xxx

  • Ah Oakey! I have just seen about your bfp!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! Try not to worry (pointless for me to say that...!), I know it's a horrible time waiting for that first scan, but I had all the same cramps and aches as you and it wasn't an indication of anything at all. Sending lots of love, try and enjoy this amazing moment! Xxx

  • Also I know it may seem too soon for ligament pains but while I was waiting for 7 week scan I had the most terrible nerve type back pain around my coccyx which must have been ligament related xx

  • Ah thank you! Tbh the needing to pop feeling (not painful as such) was worse than ever last night but today it has gone completely. Now just a full feeling all along the bottom...must have been something in the way that baby didn't like haha! I'm starting to relax a bit now [and breathe] xxx

  • That's good news :) just remember your body is going through a lot at the moment so you're bound to have aches and pains along the way. I had terrible cramps at around 5/6 weeks and all was fine. Have a lovely evening relaxing in the sun! Xxx

  • Congratulations!! πŸ˜€ Isn't their a very low chance of the pregnancy being ectopic because the embryo was planted in your uterus and does not travel down the Fallopian tubes at all? I'm sure it's just ordinary ivf aches and pains. Try not to worry too much and enjoy your bfp xx

  • Ah thank you!! I can't help but worry. Most of my "symptoms" have gone now....but I want them back as they were reassuring in a way πŸ˜‚...even though at this stage they were probably caused by the meds than anything else. I'm actually feeling pretty chilled about it all...for now lol!! xxx

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