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Ectopic pregnancy concerns

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Hi all, I need some advice from you lovely ladies. Last week I was found to have an ectopic pregnancy I’d been back and forth to the hospital for 3 weeks with right sided pain bleeding and a very slowly increase HCG and an ultrasound scan that could not find a pregnancy (pregnancy of unknown origin). Last Tuesday after been told just to wait and see what my bloods were doing I had the most horrendous pain which took me back to hospital and finally after another day I was scanned and perforated ectopic pregnancy was confirmed.

My question is I have been told my right tube has been taken, I am still getting a lot of left sided pain. My incisions are a small one in my belly button a small one low down where a c section scar would be and then a larger one on my left side. None on the right? I’m not an expert in gynaecology so there may be a very reasonable explanation but surely with a right tube removal there would be a right sided incision or is that incorrect?

Thanks Ladies hoping someone can help me I’m feeling a bit crazy with it xxx

9 Replies
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Hi Oliver. The incision on the left side would be where they inserted the instrument to reach down to the left to remove the tube.the other two would be for gas to blow up abdomen and one for light to see.remember the instruments are long and need to reach right down, you can’t just poke above the pain. The pain you’re getting could be activity in your bowels as your motions pass by where the instruments have been. Make sure you don’t get constipated. Hope you’re soon better, but if it worsens, do get seen. Take the pain relief you’ve been prescribed, regularly, but remember if there is codeine in it, that can cause constipation. Diane

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Hi I’m sorry you’ve had an ectopic pregnancy ☹️ you would think the incisions would be on the right you need to check with your dr.

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Thanks both my friend who had the as me (ruptured right sided ectopic) said her incisions were also on the left so that must be the side they operate from. It worried me a bit I thought they had taken the wrong tube 😩 thanks DIane you have put my mind at rest xx

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DianeArnoldPartner in reply to Oliverl

Hope you have a quick recovery. Diane xx

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Hey there! I m so sorry to hear about this. You are going through so much. Just take the medicine they have prescribed. Everything will be alright. Stay in contact with your doctor. Stay blessed hon!

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Hi Olive, so sorry to hear you have had this happen, you've really been through the mill😥.

Having had a right hand side eptopic my right tube was removed by laparoscopy, through an incision just below my belly button. Two v small lower left and right incisions for gas to blow and for narrow instruments for the surgeon to get access. So not like the larger left one you describe.

I hope you heal soon and are feeling better.

I'd check with your doctor if possible, about the procedure, or any paperwork you were given which should confirm what was done.

Look after yourself Xx

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Hi! I feel so bad for you. You have gone through a lot. I hope you are feeling better now. Heal soon and take good care of yourself. I will pray for you. Stay strong.

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Thank you I’ve recovered well and have gone away for a little break with my husband and dog. Here’s to 2019 😘

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LeonaJordan in reply to Oliverl

That's good Oliver. You deserve a break. After that start trying again. I hope this time it works for you. Good luck. Stay blessed.

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