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Hi friends!

I can say that I am a proudly survivor of breast cancer and I have been free of chemo for 5 years now and I would like to form a family with my husband. The thing is that we have been trying for months now but without luck and I didn’t found really many options on what to do, so I would like to ask someone that maybe has been in my position or in a similar situation some advice, what should I try?

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  • Firstly congratulations on beating cancer! I would say going to speak to your GP is your best option, they will be able to advise and arrange any tests you may need to see what's going on x

  • The only valuable advice for your is to make fertility tests.

    This applies to your husband too.

    P.S.: also you should consult with your GP, as E_05 said.

  • Hi paomc. That's fantastic news to have been through all that and come out the other side fit and healthy. Well, to put it bluntly, you need to see your GP so that he/she can organise for you to have some blood tests etc. to check your hormones. He/she will probably refer you to a fertility clinic as well so you can be investigated fully, and the right treatment offered - if you need any. Good luck and hope all is straightforward for you. Diane

  • I can't be of much help to you, but I might think that IVF with de might work for you. Myself I know a few ladies who conceived via IVF de and IVF PGS NGS, although ladies had less complicated issues.

  • Hi paomc, I can´t say that my comment will be of help for you but I just want you to know that you are going to surpass this hard moment and you are going to have a beautiful family. People like you that have surpass a battle like cancer have a big strenght to beat any obstacles life puts in your path.

  • Thank you so much to all of you who took the time to read and gave me advices. It´s really incredible for me to have this kind of support and a whole community that understands what I am going through. So I just wanted to say thank you and that yes I think I am going to make an appointment and see and specialist, hopefully they will help me :).

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