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I just needed a big Poo!!!


Ok so I thought I would make you all laugh with my latest update. I spent the night in A & E last Saturday and thought I was actually going to die with the pain. My right ovary was killing me and after much drama, scans, blood tests and in the meantime getting a BFP I have finally realised I was massively constipated. Well let me tell you, after taking Fybrogel...... I have had a clear out and my stomach ache has now gone hehehe!! xxxx Hope not too much info and will make you smile :) xx

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You made me 😂...



🤣 🤣🤣🤣 xxx

Ha ha ha brilliant! Glad you're feeling better!xx


haha, you made my day!!! Hope you are feeling better after doing you big poo haha


Hi bluewanderlust. Big poos rock, and so does my trusted friend "Fybogel" (always recommended). Take note all you ladies, remember your water and greens etc. and try an avoid this agony! Diane

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