Just needed a place to vent :(

Just needed a place to vent :(

Hi Ladies

Hope you're all well, i just needed a place to vent, and it's been a few months since i've been here but felt like i had no where else to go.

Seems like everyone around me is getting pregant, except for me, and while i'm truly happy for them, my heart breaks everytime i hear it, its just got a bit on top of me lately, new born pics on my feed and people announcing their pregnancy which literally feels like everyday, and then today my colleague announced their expecting too. I feel all these emotions have been bottling up and no one really understands what you're going through.

Im not due to start my ivf again after my failed cycle till next year, meanwhile we're 'trying' naturally but no success yet.

MEH -just feel like life really sucks at the moment :(

will it ever happen? xx

p.s. sorry for being a whingebag.

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  • I totally know where your coming from, it’s very difficult! I don’t think it ever gets easier!!!I’m even starting to resent with friends telling me they’re going to start ttc because I know I literally will be the only one left with out the family my DH and I desire!

    Feeling your pain my lovely xxxx

  • Sending you massive hugs ☹ I know that feeling only too well xxx

  • Totally get it. I'm in exactly the same position. Seems everywhere - friends and colleagues. I found coming off Facebook really helped. I've kept my profile but deleted the app and haven't been on there for a year. It's really helped. Anyone who really cares has stayed in touch with me. Hang in there some days are worse than others. X

  • You are not a whingebag!

    I’m sure everyone would agree with me we have all been there. Sadly it will never stop affecting you. You will slowly learn to deal with it more constructively but it will never not affect you.

    I have removed myself several times from social media as I couldn’t cope with the announcements that felt like ever 5 minutes.

    Sending love and hugs I know how you feel xx

  • Don’t every apologise this is the place for a vent. I totally understand how your feeling and I think some days are definitely harder to deal with it all than other. Maybe when it feels like it’s getting to much take yourself off social media for a while, wishing you lots of luck that it’s your turn soon xx

  • Hi, I understand that it's very hard for you, because you can not get pregnant. But I do not understand why you compare yourself to other women. In my opinion this is wrong, because every person has his own illnesses and they are different. It seems to me that you need to think only of yourself and try to solve your problem. You do not need to pay attention to the happiness of other women. You may need to try surrogacy? I think this could help you faster than IVF.

  • Vent away Veekay80, here is the place to do it and you will find lots of support. Your feelings are entirely normal (see my board for similar feelings!). It is widely recognised that it is very hard to see friends, family and colleagues becoming pregnant when you are struggling yourself. You are doing very well. Sending you the warmest wishes that your next round of IVF in January is successful. Until then, be very kind to yourself. Xxx

  • Thanks everyone xxx

  • Your feelings are so similar to mine. From what I understand this is completely normal. I think most of my friends will be popping out their third babies soon while I'm still to get started. Vent away here. It's difficult sometimes to do this with friends or family. At least we all know whatbyiur going through xx

  • Vent away, we can all so relate!! Sometimes I get so tired of pretending I’m ok with all the new babies & pregnancies around me!! Trying to put an act on & smile away....it’s exhausting!! 🙁 on one hand you are happy for your friends/colleagues but it does make you wonder why me, what’s wrong with me!! 😢

    That said, I find the ladies on here such a support & when I see a pregnancy announcement on here it fills me with hope!! Hope that there can be a positive outcome to this tough journey!! 🤞🏻 I hope it’s the same for you!! xx

  • I feel for u. I feel like that the most of the time. Sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom and have a good old cry. Xx

  • Many of us feel the same as you. I have been seeing my counselor weekly mainly because it is very difficult to cope with many friends pregnant around me. I have also switched social media off and it is helping me. I know it is not nice to feel sad when your friends give you their good news but I am sure we all are happy for them. But this also reminds us our difficulties and it affects our hope. We need to think that our chance will arrive, we just need to be more patient and learn through the process.

  • That's so true. It's the age...

    E V E R Y B O D Y

    gets pregnant but me. I think now I take the news better, but I still struggle when meeting pregnant friends. I try to avoid It and, if not possible, I get really anxious.

    What has helped me? I try to think of the things I can do and they can't 😂

    Also, I have spoken to some older friends that have children in their tweenties now, and it's been enlightening. One of them couldn't have her own children and adopted a girl (after trying naturally for years, 18 IUI!!, 6 IVF and one MC), so she really knows what she is talking about... And what do they tell me? Enjoy your life without kids, as much as you can, enjoy your partner. Squeeze everything your life can give you now. For example I am starting some volunteering, that is something I couldn't do if I had my kids!


  • You’re not a whinge bag I feel exactly the same it’s got the point where I have one friend left who isn’t pregnant. It sucks! My sister in law just gave birth too so all in all I get it totally! Give yourself time and I always do something with the other half that we can’t do when we eventually have a successful round! Something fun spontaneous that reminds us it’s wonderful to be us and to be married to each other without a child if that makes sense! Big hugs cx

  • I feel your pain- I feel like I'm living In my worst nightmare. Life does really suck right now 😢

  • Feeling your pain! I feel I am struggling daily, not to turn bitter and twisted! It’s the most amazing thing to find out friends are pregnant but there is always that pang there!

    I deleted my apps for social media and it genuinely helped not to see the new posts all the time.

    Be kind to yourself...wishing you lots of luck xx

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