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Second ICSI

Hi everyone

I started my second ICSI with norditropin (growth hormone) and today is day 13 of my new cycle. Went for a scan yesterday and I had 3 follicles.

My ovarian reserve is quite low 0.06 I am 38 years old.

I have two beautiful daughters 9 years old conceived with my first IUI and a 4 year old conceived with my first ICSI (I had 8 eggs and only 1 made it to blastocyst)

Any way I could help these follicles along?

I am taking a fertility supplement which contains all the recommended ingredients, royal jelly, coq10 etc.

I do feel whatever happens in this cycle is all Gods plan and not getting my hopes up too high.

Anything that could help with uterus lining as well?

Good luck to everyone trying to conceive.

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Hi Lilcupcake. Just wanted to wish you well with this cycle of ICSI. The quality of follicles and therefore eggs can possibly be improved, by lots of different approaches including dietary by adding more protein and zinc to your diet. Well you will already know about protein, I am sure. Good food sources of zinc include meat, shellfish, milk and dairy foods such as cheese, bread, and cereal products such as wheat germ. This is why milk is so often favoured when going through a cycle of treatment, as it covers both protein and zinc. It should help with building up your endometrium too. Acupuncture and hypnotherapy also have been known to improve blood flow to the ovaries. Hope this helps a little and massive luck! Diane

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