Icsi - 2ww is over

So my husband and I have a little girl already conceived naturally, tried for two years to conceive naturally, no luck. Turns out I have Endometriosis, husband has low sperm & finished off with me havingn low AMH levels. So had ICSI 13 follicles, 13 eggs collected. 10 good enough for ICSI, overnight 8 fertilised & then 4 went on to Blastoscst. Very luckily got a grade 4AA put back on day 5 blastocyst and the remaining 3 were frozen!!!

Today was official test date & IM PREGNANT!!!

Been testing all week, positive tests since Monday however Friday afternoon had drank too much water and test came up NOT PREGNANT! was heartbroken & thought it was all over. This morning the test was a good stong positive line again.... Lesson learnt not to test early!!

Bottom line is I'm so blessed to get this far but how scary this road has been, fingers crossed everything is all as it should be and embie continues to grow normally!!!

Thanks to everyone for your support. Am here for everyone of you x x x 😘 x x.

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  • Excellent news. . With the bath I didn't risk it till 20 week scan. They say you can but cool. I know I always have them hot so didn't want to risk it by it being too cold, least with weather being better you'll hopefully be ok with showers more

  • Congratulations again Lucy! I hope the next 9 months is happy and healthy for you xxx

  • I'm soooo pleased for you! I was thinking about you. Did you work during the 2ww? Xxx

  • I had egg collection on the Thursday and had the remainder of that week off and one more week off work too the following week. But I only work 17 hours a week as I have a little girl already to look after. I did not stop to be honest I still had to carry on non stop with a three & a half year old and I felt guilty but had no choice. I didn't feel much crampings or anything so was really upset it hadn't worked at the beginning. Best of luck to everyone on their journey x x x x

  • Huge congratulations :) x x

  • Congrats, that's fab news.

    I've also got endo and a low amh + hubbys sperm is lower than they'd like.

    Although our glimmer of hope didn't work out totally, it's definitely shown us the light of success and determination x

  • Big congrats to you both! Wonderful news xx

  • That's great news, wishing you all the best for a healthy pregnancy.

  • Fab news Lucy... I'm so pleased for you ☺ You were a great support to me through my 2ww and I wish you all the best for a healthy happy pregnancy πŸ’š x x

  • Congratulations! Xx

  • Congratulations! Fab news and hope for all on the road down there like me xx

  • There is hope for everyone with the amazing people that can change peoples lives forever. Three people at my clinic have got me here today, the fertility nurse who was amazing checking the folicles at all the scans and being the one putting the embryo back in the perfect place hopefully πŸ™ then the consultant doctor who did the wonderful egg collection and not to mention the embriologst. I don't think they will ever know how wonderful they are. They give us hope, our body does the rest. Feeling so blessed. X x x keep positive everyone x x x you will get there in the end. X x x

  • Massive congrats hun πŸŽ‰ x

  • Aw this is just great news congratulations! I have been following your wee story and your positivity is just uplifting. We have an appointment on fri to show us meds and injections and then I think I'll be starting ICSI the following week. I hope I can stay as calm as you! Best of luck x

  • Hiya that is such good news! We have just had icsi embryo transfer was thurs just gone so im on the two week wait now which will be friday 8 may but think im going to hold out and test on the sunday if i can because whenever i have tested in the past when we were trying naturally as soon as i did the next day my period would start so not going to do it dead on as much as im sure i will want to. Hope i have the same luck as you. My hubby has low sperm count so shows it can happen naturally like it did for you last time so gives me hope should this fail.

  • Aww, what fantastic news. You truly are blessed. Wishing you every success on your journey. x

  • Aww lovely news Lucy I'm so happy for you :) Huge congratulations :) Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy :) Enjoy :) X

  • Huge congratulations, you have serenely gave me a hope. We have a daughter she is nearly 7 years old and we've been trying past 4 years... Which private fertility clinic would you recommend? as I'm fed up with NHS . Thank you. Best regards

  • We are using BMI esperance hospital it's our local NHS referral clinic anyway so If we was an nhs patient we would have been referred to them anyway, but our doctors keep contact with them regarding our treatment so I like it because like today (I went to the doctors) when I went to the doctors they knew everything that had gone on so far. I hope you find a good clinic. X x

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