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The end of the road

I know my fertility journey is no where near as traumatic as some so i should be grateful but im feeling a bit like it's the start of the end. Im CD 70, definatley not pregnant ; so an anovulatory cycle. I'll make an appointment with the Consultant , hopefully give me some tablets to kick start everything again. I've been having hot flashes for several weeks , i know it'' s not the Letrazole as it leaves your system after a couple of days so im guessing im getting menopausal. So that'll be the end of the journey, i knew the chances where slim but i still had hope. I hate me, my old useless body. X

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Oh the end of your post left me with a lump in my throat. Im so sorry your feeling that way. The hot flashes could be down to tons of things. Annovulatory cycles are crap. They go on so long then it's another long wait to ov. Don't feel like your journey is not as tough as other people's, your all fighting individual battles and your all warriors for it. It so stressful. Just wanted to offer you a hug. 😍Xxxx


I've been through that too and it's horrid. I hated my body too because it seemed to have shit down on me earlier than happens to most people but I was at least nearing 40. The doc gave me norethisterone to kick start my AF which got my AF started.

Have you thought about IVF? We are currently in the 2WW after ET yesterday with an embryo created using donor eggs and OHs sperm. It's not for everyone and it is a little difficult to come to terms with at first but we found it gave us hope. Sorry if that's really not what you want the hear.

Sending you hugs. Xx


There's still a chance after menopause I was reading the other day - on the miscarriage association website xx don't lose hope!


Hi webchick. So sorry to hear all this, and your journey is just as traumatic as any one else, you just want a baby. If it is the end of the road using your own eggs, would you possibly consider using an egg donor? Something to tuck at the back of your mind for now, but it would give you the opportunity to try again when you're ready. Thinking of you. Diane


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