Too much pressure

So I had my FET yesterday and had been feeling great until we left the hospital. Then it was like a 100 tonne weight had been put on my shoulders and so the stress begins!!

Last round I had to have progesterone which made me crazily depressed, didn't eat, stressed, crying or angry all the time and I am convinced that's why it didn't work. And here I am again but medication free feeling exactly the same and preparing for another failure, feeling really down and off food again which I promised myself I wouldn't do.

OH just doesn't get it and ends up getting frustrated with me which then makes me feel worse!!

If this round fails I am sure I can't put myself through this again.

Sorry for being so negative, I just know you will understand xx

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  • Hey honey hope ur feeling better. Plztry to eat some thing mayby some of ur fav fruit something . Dont wamt u to be down and u will need all ur energy honey. I hope ur hubby relises that u need him to be more sympathetic towards u amd to really care u. And be all around u to do what ever it takes to make u feel happy loved appreciated fpr what ur going through. I just feel what else is there that us woman wants its omly love and care why is that to much to ask for. I pray for u amd everyone. Take care and keep us

  • Hi lovely - I had my 1st fresh transfer yesterday. Im on progesterone but not feeling too bad so far. All I can suggest is trying g to do something you love - a walk, cinema trip, read a book, play your favourite music really loud, or something along those lines....

    Hope the weather is good where you are - chin up xxx

  • Hi there, I second what the others have said. Re food - how about trying to make some lovely smoothies if you have a blender - that way you'll be getting nutrients to supplement what you can eat. Hope you feel better soon. It is such a hard process. Have you tried doing any meditation to help calm your thoughts and help relax you - basically just sitting quietly and focusing on relaxing each part of your body individually and then counting every in. breathup to 10. Every time you lose count or drift off start again then do the same counting the out breath. If you set a timer for say 10 minutes that should be enough or just do 5 mins to start. See what you think xxx

  • Lets hope for the best. Take the balanced diet, be calm and keep positive. I know its really hard but have no option.. keep going...and good luck my dear...

  • Now is the time to coddle yourself. As others have said what makes you happy and contented? Nice food, some treats and relaxation.

    You've done all you can up to this point so pamper yourself and take it easy.

    All the very best.

  • Awwwwwwww. I perfectly understand your anxieties. I have been through it so understand well. If it helps I would advice you keep busy - do things you enjoy to take your mind off the process. Get on with your life as normal while you go thru the process. Good luck hun xx

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