Too scared to do a test

We are doing a Fet and decided to put back 2 embryos. Been thru the mill with ivf 1st got only 1 embryo which didn't work and nothing to freeze then randomly few months after this fell pregnant natural but unfortunately miscarried at 11 weeks we were both devastating.2nd ivf go consultant wanted to up stims drugs got 4 good embryos put one of these back didn't work. We had 3 frozen and used 2 for this Fet we are doing now our test was Tues 14th (yesterday) but face doing the pregnancy test. I don't even have one at home going to buy it on way home from work. I will have to put myself together to do the test tomorrow morning I'm so nervous as can't handle if it's negative.

Am I ok any advise would be helpful.

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  • ooh hunnie i understand ur nervousness ,i got a BFN with my first fresh 1 embryo got pregnant with first FET 2 embryos but sadly miscarried at 8 wks and BFN with second FET so i get u beeing nervous..i pray tomorrow you get your BFP and if ur test day was yesterday your BFP will show up now day or nite good luck x x x

  • Keeping everything crossed for you πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ x

  • Everything crossed for you xxx

  • i felt exactly the same on saturday morning - wee'd into a pot & left it in the bath for half an hour while i freaked out in bed.

    the pressure is insane.

    wishing you so much luck - i really hope its your time xx

  • So get it... Wishing you loads of luck πŸ€ 🌼 xxxx

  • Oh honey I know exactly how you feel. Hope you test today and get the bfp you long for and deserve xxxxx

  • I hope this goes well for you xxx Fingers and toes crossed xxx

  • I know the feeling, 🌈

  • Bit late replying to this post but I hope it all worked out for u Hun xxx

  • Thanks for all your messages.

  • How did you get on amazing78; was thinking about you yesterday as I had a friend who was struggling the same xx

  • Awww Hun I feel your pain I was exactly the same, I pray that you have done it now and got your bfp?

    Sending a big Hug to you xxx

  • Feel the fear and do it anyway. Having my fingers and toes crossed for you. Lots of love. M xxx

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