How much is too much in 2ww

Ok so my husband has me panicked but also annoyed the hell out of me yesterday. If he could wrap me up for the next 10 days in cotton wool he would..sweet but madly irritating too as I am such an independent person and always on the go. I am off work, doing acupuncture and relaxation and went before transfer and after transfer in Saturday for acupuncture. We did nothing on Saturday after transfer but yesterday I was climbing the walls. We went out shopping the usual Sunday stuff ikea, b&q, morrisons etc then home. I baked a Mary berry carrot cake which was yum..made the zita west granola and dinner then sat while my husband assembled a wardrobe from ikea..I clearly am not good at just sitting and giving I kept thinking I could do it quicker than him lol...then after a falling out over hinges he said he thought I had done too much today so I now feel really guilty as this is his baby too and I don't want anything to ruin our chances. What did other folk do 2 days after you think I have done too much? I also have a mild pain in my right side..oh good the craziness has begun 😣😣😣I just want this to be our time so much so plan to do nada today. The leaflet from the hospital said take it easy for 48 hours..that was taking it easy for me yesterday but perhaps my husband is right..oh I hate this bit..thanks for listening and I have joined the 2ww crazy club officially now xxxxx

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  • Hi Vic!

    I don't think you overdid as long as you didn't exhaust yourself. I cycled back home from the hospital on the day I had my implant! I did things as usual, without tiring myself too much. But the vaginal progesterone pills made me feel really tired so I kinda rested whenever I needed. But I am the kind of person to just lie and do nothing. :)

    The plus thing is that I work from home so my mind gets very busy with work stuff... and I enjoy it because it helps me not thing too much of what's happening to little bean. :) And Netflix helped a lot too! :D LOL

    I also had some slight pain on my right side.... mostly the following 3 days after the implant; nothing major... and still do from time to time. It's more like a twitch now.

    Anyway, I think you should maybe take it easy for the first week. My second week was more "normal". :) Hope it helps! Hugs hun! xxx

  • Thanks so much that helps hugely.all worried that some over enthusiastic wisking may not be allowed..damn good cake though. Netflix is a god send my only problem now is have run out of series on there to watch. I am a tricky customer I know as hate being told what to do but I do know when I need to chill like today and catch up on homeland..hope you well xxx

  • My husband's the same, if it's any consolation. I gave up work for this cycle, after a failed cycle before Christmas, so that I could take it easy; I know I'm extremely fortunate to be able to do that, but I'm still getting bored silly.

    It's difficult to make yourself sit back and relax when you're used to busy, but it's not forever - and keep your eye on the prize! There's not much that won't wait a couple of weeks until your 2ww is over, so make the most of having some to relax and think happy thoughts (^-^). H xx

  • Thanks so much and I know you are right. I am off work too which is a great help. Just doing my relaxation cds and some channel 4 catch stage in 2ww are you? Xx

  • ET was last Wednesday, so this is day 5. How about you? xx

  • Et was Saturday. .we had our first cycle in October with sadly ended in a bfn oh I so hope it is 2nd time lucky for us both..sending you lots of baby dust xxxx

  • I think we're at similar stages then. Our last cycle started at the beginning of November last year, and we got our bfn on 16th December (it was reward day at school for the kids and we were baking Christmas buns and decorating them. I'm a teacher). Fingers crossed this month's our month! xx

  • Your post just made me laugh, I'm a total control freak so watching my hubby do an IKEA wardrobe would kill me!!

    Doesn't sound like too much to me, baking isn't strenuous maybe just don't hike around ikea every day πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘πŸΌ

    Good luck 😘😘😘😘

  • It did kill me...we learn a lot about each other through diy mostly negativeπŸ˜‰how you getting on?lovely to hear from you xxx

  • I'm ok thanks vic77 ! Day 7 of stims, first scan on Friday which is day 10, hoping I'm responding well, I hate that you can't tell πŸ˜‚

    Good luck with everything 😘😘 xxx

  • Oh you too...let us know how your scan goes on Friday πŸ˜€β€οΈXx

  • I dont think you did too much at all so dont beat yourself up! I guess your hubby is understandably a bit over protective and you're just not used to sitting on your backside that's all! My hubby was the same and its tough to sit around doing nothing, not to mention boring but its only for a few days, chin up!xx

  • Aww thanks hun this reassurance is what I need..will go and scoff my carrot cake guilt free now..hope you are well xxxxx

  • That must have been so tough. I work with kids too and find it so difficult at times..I work in child protection so very hard to see children often treated so badly when I desperately want one. You went in for a 2nd cycle quickly which is good. .we took a few months what with Xmas and I wanted a just hoping so much this is our time and you get you 40th birthday present xxxxx

  • I don't think you did too much. Apparently they used to recommend complete bedrest but not anymore lol πŸ˜‚ I was told light excercise, even gentle running (I don't know this word? Running? Lol) is good and it's important to get the blood flowing! I didn't do that much first two days after transfer mostly because the weather was bad but after that (except for anything heavy or strenuous) I was normal at home. I was having to lift OHs wheelchair in and out of the boot when we went anywhere. Clinic said that was ok. It's difficult because we are aware of everything we do and don't want to ruin our chances in any way but we're also not made of glass. You know your limits. Trust yourself xx

  • Ps I had pain on my left side and still do on and off with the odd twinge, thing is my left side is ALWAYS like that, never usually give it much thought but I'm beginning to obsess now lol X

  • Thanks so much for your helpful is calming me down as I slowly go crazy..I guess everyone has their own levels of chilling and for someone like me this is are you? Come off ceiling yet??πŸ˜‰I still bursting with happiness for you chick xxxxx

  • I feel fine today except for a headache, but tbh I only just got up (hehe). Back to work Wednesday 😞 I keep wondering when the big symptoms will kick in because apart from being a tad crampy and twingy here and there and having very full heavier boobs I don't really have any! The obsessing never stops, just so you know 🀣🀣🀣 xx

  • Take it easy and enjoy your last few days sad us ladies never really have a relaxed pregnancy. .by the way I am still in bed..lolπŸ˜‰xxx

  • I've just googled headaches and it can be very common in early pregnancy but it's says not to worry because they usually tail off after the first six months!!! Six months? I bloomin well hope not. I'm already prone to tension headaches. I'm back lying on the bed, I'm only lying on it though so it doesn't count as being in bed 😜 Xx

  • Yes I am only still lying on mine too..if headaches last 6 months then I think you need to do a lot of lyingπŸ˜‰xx

  • Or a lot of crying! 😭 X

  • Meant to was fizz??? 🍷🍷🍷no fizz emoji on here xx

  • We forgot all about it! I was so tired after being too wired to sleep before that we got into bed and realised we had forgotten about it! πŸ˜‚ Maybe tonight 😊 X

  • IKEA furniture should be called divorce in a box. Always creates arguments :-)

  • Just bear in mind that both of your emotions will be heightened at the moment and you'll both want to do something to help the situation and often we can't which is the hardest thing to accept. You definitely haven't done to much I think it's important to carry on as normal as possible with some daily routines food shop, baking cakes etc to keep your sanity and mind some what occupied, just imagine that crazy ppl we would be being in bed for two weeks πŸ˜‚doesn't bear thinking about. I'm not surprised your hubby wants to wrap you up in cotton wool, im sure we would be exactly the same if things were the other way round. Keep in touch with how your getting on sending lots of baby dust your way xxx

  • Thanks so are so so right xxx

  • U need to find an addictive box set to keep u glued to the sofa lol!! U look after urself now! Rest and short walks, fresh air!!xxx

  • Thanks misses..I think I have watched all the box sets on netflixπŸ˜€xxxx

  • Oh nooo!! u are all TV'd out then!! Lots of sleep then to make the 2ww go quicker xxx

  • Hi Vic. When is test day? From Vic lol xx

  • Are you Vic too?? Did I know that?? Test day is 14th..yikes😳😳😳how's you after being back at work? Xx

  • Yes I am and yes you did but don't worry it's probably the hormones making you forget πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I will be looking out for your post with eager anticipation on the 14th! Yes I'm back at work. Trying to be sensible. Just used a clients stair lift to take a vacuum upstairs πŸ‘πŸ» I don't have any new symptoms, still have the cramps and niggles, back ache, heavy boobs, it's just that I'm doubly tired now xx

  • Ps trust me when I say this but after you get that bfp you'll be worrying even more.. you think the tww is bad enough lol πŸ˜‚ It's hard because I don't know what's "normal" I don't really have much previous experience to go on xx

  • My head is all over the place to be honest..lucky I can remember my own name sometimes😜what do you think made your cycle such a success this time? You got any idea? I feel so much more relaxed this time and we had a better quality embryo. I have dreadful trapped wind and sore boobs and dime cramping but not sure if this is maybe the pessaries xx

  • Although the down regulating made me ill with really bad headaches and I was doing injections longer than on my fresh cycle, I'd definitely say that the fet was easier because A, I'd already been through ivf once so knew the process and B there were far less scans. My ovaries didn't hurt lol. So I think that could have contributed? Then there was the endo scratch. We used embryo glue but that was both times. I had less stress going on in my life this time around. I ate pineapple core for a couple of days during the tww 🀒🀒🀒 On the first round I ate soooo healthily and I was so miserable so I had a treat everyday this time. This embie was a 4ab but my first was a 5aa so the quality wasn't as high. It's hard to say any one thing that may have done it πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ xx

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