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FET and Gonasi

Hello all

So had a blood test today to see when I'm ready for FET and it looks like it's going to be Tuesday.

I'm on a natural FET but they've asked me to take a trigger shot tonight. I did say that I am due to ovulate tomorrow or Thursday so why the trigger shot but I don't think she really understood what I was saying.

Can anyone else enlighten me and is it possible to ovulate tomorrow (naturally) even if I take the trigger tonight?



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Hi there, I had a natural FET and no trigger shot. I just used ovulation test kits and went in for transfer 7 days after a positive reading. This might be a stupid comment but, surely if you're having a trigger shot, it's not natural??? I would call and try and speak to someone else and see what they say. Good luck! X


Yea, this is what I thought! I have to take the shot then go in 5 days after what they calculate as my ovulation day (Ov on Thurs-ET Tue) as we have 5 day embryos! X


We had blastocysts too. Ours were hatching when they went back in and were actually day 6 I think! I don't know how you're testing ovulation, but remember that the tests detect an LH surge, which actually happens around 36 hours before ovulation, hence why I think the extra 2 days for me. Whatever the reason, it worked - I'm 31 weeks pregnant tomorrow! Did you manage to speak to someone else about the trigger? Xx


No, I didn't manage to but I've injected now! I hate the gonasi!!I reckon my levels were close to peak so they wanted me to push it along a little to get going! That's fantastic news that you're nearly there...love good news!!! Thanks for your replies too!! X


Hi Sunbeam123. It's to ensure ovulation and the next stage to ensure your hormones keep the lining of your womb nice and receptive for the FET. Hope all goes well for you. Diane

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Thank you for getting back to me! Made me feel better! Phew! ☺️


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