Baseline scan tomorrow - no Period!


On to my second round of IVF after no frozen eggs to do a frozen cycle. I have been taking Buserelin for the last 2 weeks and have my baseline scan tomorrow. However no period has come! Starting to worry. Last cycle my period was delayed but came 3 days before the scan. Worried they may cancel my cycle and its our last free one.

I have been feeling the last two days like its going to come but not a sniff. Has anyone been in a similar position?


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  • Hi Cerisanne, I've not been in your situation but they may just delay your scan, or could have a quick look to see what is going on anyway. My period only arrived the morning of my baseline scan (literally an hour before) and they still went ahead

    Are you NHS funded? I'm worried that they are going to cancel my current cycle (pre egg collection) but the nurses told me it's only classed as a cycle after egg collection so hopefully it shouldn't affect your funding, although I know each CCG is different.

    Hope it all goes well for you!

  • Thank you for your reply, I couldnt respond on my phone but just come back from the hospital.

    I am NHS on my last cycle, that is so amazing to know. I should ask them in our area but sounds very promisning. I just have to carry on down reg'ing and hopefully it will come but if not in a week i have to ring and not sure what will happen!

    I hope your cycle goes well, so many hurdles to worry about!!! xx

  • Hi cerisanne. By now you will know what is to happen. Whether you carry on down regulating , which I suspect you will have to, or not. Hope all works out OK for you. Diane

  • Hello!

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have literally just returned from the hospital! Your right, she checked my ovaries for any problems and said I was fine to carry on and wait for it to arrive! Hopefully will come within a week.

    Its odd as my periods are like clock work and no problems last time, just shows you how different cycles can be!

    Ceris xx

  • Hi Ceris. Nothing like down regulation to mess your cycle up! Still, all will continue as it should soon, so no worries there. I see it happen so many times, and we just wait and carry on! Good luck! Diane

  • Thanks Diane x

  • They shouldn't cancel it or I would hope they wouldn't. You normally have a few days after scan date for it to arrive and if it is passed that it should surely be a case of running your treatment a week later than expected. Fingers crossed for you. Periods are a pain. When you don't want one you get them all the time and the one time you want it to arrive it doesn't!

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