Baseline scan, medication starts tomorrow!!

All went well with my Baseline scan today and I start taking my 2 injections from tomorrow. Next lot of scans are next Wednesday and probably Friday. Then a further one on Monday the following week and then 'Donor Insemination Day' which should be that Wednesday!! I will be feeling nervous with that appointment I am sure!!

Having to bring up a child on my own will be hard, not only from the support side of things but also financially. Who is going to look after my baby while I earn the money? I know from the age of 3 there is 15 hours of FREE childcare. It's a scary thought but I guess, I will deal with it when I need too.

Tonight is my last 'wine' night for a while.

I feel I am living a dream and this isn't happening! x

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  • Enjoy the wine and keep going! My baseline is on Tuesday so in a similar place, it's surreal to finally be here in the treatment. Worry about the next thing only and not the what ifs if you can. Although I can talk! Fingers crossed for you xx

  • Thanks Daisy - good luck to you too!! x

  • Good luck Distinction72! x

  • Good luck Distinction72, you are so brave to do this on your own and I really hope it works for you. Just take it one day at a time and you will get there.

    Best wishes xxx

  • Thank you Anjel2 - I've had a few low moments this weekend but trying to gee myself to carry on! x

  • Good Luck and enjoy the wine 😘

  • Good luck xxx My next scans are tue and fri! Hope all goes well and the injections are okay xx

  • Thanks JoJo - Good luck to you too!! When I'm lying there having my scans, I will be wondering how your doing! Let me know how you get on.

    Injections were ok but a few down moments after the weekend x

  • Hi. So scan wasn't as great as I hoped, little follicles aren't growing as quick as they liked, so upping the drugs. Just felt a bit deflated as really thought my egg collection would be done Mon. It's my own fault for planning ahead, which I should know by now with this game is a mistake! Hope yours goes okay today. X x

  • Hi Jo

    I'm wondering whether they are going to up my meds as well. I had my 2nd scan today and was shown on the chart how they have grown and what they need to get too, it sounds as if I'm likely to feel them! I was told last week (Friday) that they may do the insemination next week but I can't see how they are going to grow to that size by then! I know my treatment is a little different to yours (as my eggs are staying inside) but I know how you are feeling.

    It certainly is a long drawn out process, for me, getting to the hospital takes about 2 hours so I find it a long day. When I started looking into doing this, I lived in a different area then.

    If you need a chat any time, I'm always here. You can always text me if you would like to do that but I know you've got quite a lot of friends.

    Keep smiling and I know it feels as if time just drags but it is better to have the little follies a good size rather than to have them too small, the treatment has more chance of working that way.

    I'm back in on Friday.

    Christina xx

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