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Baseline scan tomorrow but no real bleed yet


Hi everyone

Hope you’re all doing ok.

As the title says, I have my baseline scan tomorrow after finishing the contraceptive pill on Sunday. I’ve had some spotting and mild cramping for a while but no sign of my period starting properly... Called the clinic and nurse said still to come in as it might be things are as they want and we can go ahead with IVF as planned even without a bleed, or might need to wait a bit longer for period, or might need to go back onto pill to force a bleed...

Obviously only time will tell but hoping it’s not that I have to take the pill again as that would mean more waiting in a journey that’s already felt like it’s gone on forever!

Has anyone been in a similar position? X

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Hey. I can't really say anything as im just about the start but just wanted to wish you best of luck and hopefully you won't need to go back on the pill 💓😊

I went for my baseline scan before my bleed occurred and my period started the day after. I just had another scan a week later to check the lining was thin. Good luck x

I had some terrible cramping & spotting on my first round. I'd been on nasal buserelin and sadly my lining wasn't thin enough....however I got put on injections & this did the trick even although I didn't bleed again. Apparently you can absorb the lining, I didn't have to do the second meds for much longer either. Perhaps your lining has been absorbed or they might keep you on meds for longer but you'll get there!xx

Hi I was on long protocol, so was down regging before baseline scan waiting for a period but nothing came. Bit of blood in discharge but nothing like the cow of a period I was used to! 😂 when I went for my baseline scan they said that I had shed my lining and I was able to start stimming! Fingers crossed for you xx

On my first round of ivf I hadn't had a bleed because I was on buserilin and they gave me tablets to take for a couple of days and they made me bleed 3days later so your wait won't be too much longer if they have to force a bleed...

Good luck for your treatment cycle x

Thanks so much to you all for your replies. Had my scan today and they said the lining looks to be a good thickness and my ovaries are behaving at the moment! So will be starting injections tomorrow 😃 x

Cinderella5 in reply to Star15

Great news, always good to take another step forward! Good luck for the next bit, hope you get lots of follicles!xx

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