Hi everyone, just wanted to check in today to let you know that we tested today (13dp4dt) and were devastated (but not surprised) to see a BFN. I just felt so normal this past week that I knew our embies hadn't stuck 😞

Our mantra has been 'expect the worst, hope for the best' so we had the 'what if' conversation a couple of days ago and agreed very quickly that we would both want and could afford another round (our CCG only allows one NHS cycle) - thankfully. Knowing this helps a little.

The OH and I are going away this week for our wedding anniversary (perfectly timed), so I'm going to stay off the forum for a week or so to clear my head and heal my heart. I'll be back once we're ready to fight again.

Wishing everyone the best of luck. I hope to see lots of fab news when I'm back ❀️

Steph xx

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  • Hi Steph, just wanted to say I'm sorry that it didn't work out. My husband and I took 5 months out after our failed cycle. Were starting our second tonight! Just want to say it gets easier with time, and you will know when your ready to start again. Have a lovely break, congratulations on your wedding anniversary xx

  • We will be cycle buddies .all the best .i start stimulating tomorrow and not today as earlier stated.

  • So sorry to hear this, look after yourselves xxx

  • Oh no, I'm so sorry to read this Steph. Look after yourselves and I hope your time away helps with the healing. Xx

  • so sorry to read this. Take some time out, look after each other and you'll come back fighting even stronger. Enjoy your time away and Happy Anniversary xx

  • So sorry to hear this xx

  • Sorry for your bfn and wishing you loads of luck for your next round πŸ€

    Happy anniversary xx


  • I am so sorry to read this! Take time out to be good to yourselves, regroup and come back fighting. Sending you all the best xx

  • Hope you can have a good week away. So sorry things didn't work out this time but I'm glad you're able to fund another round. Wishing you all the best , strong lady x

  • A bfn is heartbreaking .so sorry .take time out and have hope.all we have is starting my second cycle tomorrow after a failed cycle in january and im just hopeful.the time out did me some good .

  • I'm sorry you didn't get the result you wanted, it's such a difficult journey to be on. Draw strength from each other and try to enjoy your time away. Sending you lots of hugs x

  • So sorry to hear this!! I hope you manage to enjoy your weekend away with your hubby! Sending a big hug!xx

  • So sorry to hear this. Take care x

  • Sorry to hear about the disappointing outcome but well done for being so brave and already thinking about little steps to the future. Happy anniversary, enjoy xoxo

  • So sorry to read this - take care of yourselves & enjoy some quality time together. Stay strong xxx

  • I am so sorry to read this. I know exactly how you feel. Our anniversary was just after our first bfn and we ended up having a lovely time away and I enjoyed some fizz..come back ready and fighting xxx

  • Sorry to read this! it's a good decision to have some time to think, pull yourself together, and prepare for the next round! lots of hugs! thank you for your wishes!!!

  • So sorry xx

  • Steph I'm so sorry to read this, there are no words that will help but please know we are all thinking of you and will be here to support you whenever you need us. I hope you can enjoy your break together and you come back stronger than ever when you are ready xxxxx

  • Very sorry to hear this!

    Have a lovely time away, you both deserve it! Big hugs xx

  • Hi Steph,

    Sorry to hear of your news. We got a BFN on Sunday as well, after our first round of IVF. During the whole process we have tried to be cautiously optimistic but the reality of it failing has been heartbreaking.

    Fortunately we are in a similar situation and can afford another round of ivf, which helps soften the blow somewhat. I just wanted to wish you and your partner the best and I hope you enjoy your week away.

    Alex x

  • So sorry to read this its such a tough journey. Take care of each other and enjoy ur wedding anniversary and the prospect of trying again. Xxxx

  • So so sorry to hear about it . This is a really tough journey. Take care of ur self . You'll know when u r ready bro come back and try again . Enjoy ur anniversary xxxx

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