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Hey ladies! Hope you all are well & having a good evening 😊 So test day is next Saturday! Yes a whole 7 days left!! 😳 And I want to know now! I am so impatient anyway, so I know some of you ladies are naughty & test a little early, how early do you think might be ok? Or should I just wait! Also I keep having like period type pains only now and again do you think I should be worried?


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Sorry if you have read any of my post before but I have tested both times from 3 or 4 dpt. 2nd time I got my bfp on 4 dpt. I could ramble on and on why I like to test early but there are lots of strong ladies on here who don't test. I would never change my testing addiction. Give me control and I could balance realism with hope. When I got a negative on 8dpt on my first go I was prepared for the spotting that started and started to know it was game over. Period type pains are a good sign. I would say mine were never as bad as my normal period pains. But I have cramped on and off. I am 5 weeks and 6 days now. Good luck for your bfp. Xxx

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Hey thanks for your reply! Hmm I might buy some tests in morning! lol I know what you mean about the control thing this might help me. Yeah my pains aren't like my normal period pains just the achey pain you get before it starts. Thank you and congratulations my love xx


I had period type pains all through my 2ww. On 10dp3dt I got some implantation spotting. I didn't test... I was too scared to.

I admire women that do... but I'm also so wary of those who test and get a BFN and then a BFP. For me I don't think I'd cope with that stress! I just wanted to hide and not know and was a bit strangely worried I would jinx it! You've got to go with what you feel best doing; for both of you xx

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Hey hope, I'm due to test on Friday and had. 5d transfer.

I'm planning to test on day 6 (this Sunday) and hoping for something.


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Hi Hope! What a coincidence, we're both due to test next Saturday!

Strangely enough I have been completely relaxed about it. (And throughout the whole IVF surprisingly!)

Only now I'm wondering if I am missing some Signs and should test early or if it's not 'hitting home' for me and a result might wake me up!

I might just test the day before because clinics open longer on a Friday and I will have peace of mind being able to arrange everything I need to rather than have to wait the whole weekend.

I returned to work the day after transfer so maybe I've had a lot of distractions. I threw myself into this election too! 😂

Next week I have time off work so I'm sure my mind will start to wonder and plot and plan....

Hoping for the best for you!

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