Just a quick question!

Do any of you know about Happy Family org?

Just asking if here is anyone who's been contacting them or know something about them. I was told it to be a good idea to contact them and get some advice. They seem to specialize in international fertility centers and consult on different questions.

Hm. I am not sure whether I should contact them and whether it is even free...

I feel like this is not that urgent but I was wondering about this so I have decided to ask you. Thanks for any of your replies.

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  • Hi kweenoflove. No sorry, can't help. Diane

  • that's fine! Thank you anyways for stopping by! Maybe I'll be lucky with someone else :)

  • oo hello. I thought this organization is more popular among couples fighting infertility. Well, I contacted them to find out about possible options and here I am. I've got a lot of advices and answers for my questions about fertility treatment in general and about treatment in different countries. It's absolutely free so you may contact them freely. To be honest I was sure that they would ask me to donate for their help but this didn't happen. Of course you need to have a consultation with your GP or gyno but decision is up to you. Wish you all the best, hope it was a bit helpful.

  • Really??? Great! Thanks God There's someone who knows this agency bc I have asked on other forums and was not that lucky to even receive a reply...

    Wait, they do not charge you for anything?? that's definitely something. And what, did they give you good advice? I mean, were they really helpful? I know that I sure have to follow my drs advice but there's always a need to get some support and consultation.

  • I've googled them.. didn't find a lot of info but if they do not charge you for the consultation then you can just talk to them and see what their advice will be.. I am pretty sure that there's no harm if you do not go for the advice blindly and have reasonable judgment. :)

    IMO they are just here to distribute some info.

  • yeah, they are not that famous I suppose. I've heard of them from a woman on fb and later I was advised to write them by another person. turned out it to be very coincidental and I have decided to look it up and maybe if some of you know this agency and were working with it previously it'd be a lot of help to know what kind of help it provides at all.

    Anyways, it does not seem to be that vital for me at the moment.

    Thank you for leaving a reply here.

  • oh that's nothing really! Hope you will have a great time talking to them and share with us your experience because if anything I would really like to know about new ways and options, new agencies and stuff that are helpful for those who are still seeking for help. :)

    I have contacted my clinic directly without any agency helping me though so I do not really know how it works actually. Like I get it when you talk to different clinics yourself and choosing them also by yourself. But what does an agency do?

  • oh well, I am also talking to my future clinic directly but I think that there is nothing bad to just have some conversation about the future treatment with another side, with other specialists that will advise on what to do in all kinds of different situations. :)

    Well, I think that agencies are helpful for those who maybe cannot trust the internet as much as we do. so they need to see the managers in person to trust them with their money and health.

    an agency does all the research and helps to choose the best option in terms of clinics or contracts.

  • I’ve just thought about it yesterday. Isn’t it too much to not trust your clinic that much that you will be proof checking all of their words and statements with another agency?? But the Internet is the same as reality basically, everything is not 100 percent safe but at least on the internet it is definitely easier to read more reviews and as you are doing so – to consult with some agencies on the basis of your future choice.

    But did not you choose your clinic based on the reviews and some good offers? Like you’ve basically made a choice already. Well, I do not know really your situation but when I was choosing my clinic I was doing all by myself and when I have actually found the center I have decided to not do anything about other choices because it’d have created more inconveniences if I was still opting for something else.

  • I get you

    You are just saying that I have to trust the clinic of my choice otherwise nothing will work right?

    I understand that but I have yet to choose the clinic like they are just on my radar and I am opting for their services and maybe I am going to sign with them. But I have yet to make up my mind.

    And that's great of you to have made such a difficult and serious decision and still make it. :)

  • Oh well, sorry I did not grasp it earlier I thought that you have like decided upon it and are not all in preparations for the treatment. but it is perfectly fine to not make your decision before you see what the clinic looks like exactly and talk to your manager in real life. because emails are just emails they do not show the personality of the owner.

    Oh yes... :)

  • that is fine! I do not really think that I was that clear on my intentions anyways. but I am sure though that my choice will 100 percent depend on my own decision.

    all of us have to make sure that what they are choosing is hundred percent legit and good.

  • You know what I think that it should 100 percent be your own choice and you should be very consistent and follow your own preferences.

    Plus I must tell you that there are so many ways to choose what's best for you.

    PS Have you received the reply from this organization you were talking about? What did they tell you?

  • Yes I have been talking to them all weekend and they have been very kind to me and tried very hard to help me but the thing is that they are very professional and I kind of regret that I have not contacted them earlier. but it is no surprise because they are very hard to find. have you tried searching Happy Family org in google?

    it is impossible to do so....

    like their domain is not even that name but surrogacyinfo...

    why did they do that to them lol????

    oh btw they told me that they have received a lot of inquiries concerning biotexcom (no wonder imo) and they say that this clinic is quite good.

  • Really? So they have been working with biotexcom too or they just have all of the reviews on the clinic read and now can share their professional opinion? It’d be awesome to know what is actually behind the name of Happy Family and how they actually work, though, this is great that you have been satisfied with whatever result you have achieved with communicating with this organization.

    But I think that this types of organizations are not that important though, because eventually you will be the only one taking the decision and even if they tell you to do one way you can just ignore them because in the end of the day you know exactly what you want even if this all is very new for you and you may think that you know nothing about all the stuff but actually I am sure that you know enough to make a proper decision!


  • I do not know if they are working with any particular clinic, I think that they just have a lot of contacts and staying in touch with clinics is like their objective. But I might be wrong here so do not take my rods too seriously. I just know that they are a team of specialists in different fields which is great when it comes to giving advice here and there. but whether they are in close contact with biotexcom… I don’t think so, I think that biotexcom here is just one of the many fertility centers that are constantly being mentioned on forums and such.

  • that seems ok, as all of the consulting firms do they engage into work some clinics or centers and like professionals in the connected fields.

    good to know thought that they are still here judging by how their popularity dropped (or where they even ever popular among forum users) and they are working as well as if they were a business company with huge income but as I understand that they are working for free, advising people on different issues and trying to help while they have no proper income… such a strange deal honestly, people need to survive.. they need to eat, sleep, take care of their loved ones, of their family and still, they have chosen to not charge people for what they do just because they have big hearts… I hope though that they get money somehow

    maybe they have like a fund where you can give them some money a dollar or something like that…

  • Maybe, who knows? the only thing that I know is that they do not ask for your money whatsoever. So we should acknowledge that and be thankful that they are here for us, trying to help and support.


  • The most important thing is that they do their job, you are right!


  • Yes, they are actually doing their job, I kinds do not have twitter but I have been picking on what they have been posting there for a while just because I do not want to follow them on Facebook as I do not want all of my Facebook friends to know about my interests and my life THAT much you know. this is also the reason why I do not like or subscribe to anything related to fertility treatments just so it won't be obvious what I am up to at the moment.

    I do not know, I think that I am the only one this way... I just feel like I really appreciate staying anonymous.

  • I think though that it is definitely your right to hide your personal life from public eye :)

    but it is quite a minor issue I think when we are talking about hardships of ivf and surrogacy things like that cease to matter.

  • I feel like there should be no difference between any issues that is a part of ivf or surrogacy programs, although it is definitely on a lower level then ivf procedures and health issues, however, I am sure that you should not only take care of your body but of your psychological health as well. this gives me anxiety, I haven't been experiencing anything similar for ages, I think since I was a teen. but now everything is back and I am again in the darkest place but with your help, I am able to get out of the hole called depression and maybe I'll achieve something.

    my manager is constantly reminding me how far I have come and what I have achieved even though it is definitely not her job to spend so much time on me. she ha more clients than I can imagine, the clinic is full of people and I have even seen a video where the Belgian journalists were showing the clinic when I wasn't there and it was as packed as I remember myself.

  • Yes, sorry if I seemed a bit rude saying that this is not on the certain level, I get you and I cannot agree with you more on what you have to say! Regardless on the fact that some people do not feel the same as me or yourself, we all should be in the place where such issues as psychological ones are not buried under all of the other stuff, we should pay attention to everything that creates that unnecessary and uncomfortable unease, and you know what I mean. Hopefully, your manager continues to support you as she is doing so right now! This is amazing how you are able to create such a strong connection between you and your manager, it is really out of this world, but I understand that even though my manager is hell lot more busy so she cannot show as much of love and support as I suppose your manager does.


  • Oh no, it was not rude at all! don't blame yourself, I was just thinking, your comment just gave me some information to think about and I appreciate this as I was able to think more and deeper about what kind of a person I am.

    but that's sad, isn't it? Although I can understand that she's busy and stuff she should be supportive and kind at least. my manager always knows how to express her support and what to say when I tell her that I am nervous and worried.

  • Thank you! I am a bit out of this world sometimes, which describes perfectly my surrogacy situation, I feel that as long as my baby is still in the belly of my surrogate mom I am going to act as if I did not have any relation to the reality because it gives some strange vibes when you cannot feel a baby in your belly but you feel like you are pregnant.

    it is not okay I know...:( But I feel pregnant...

  • hi, can anyone share a link of this organization? I couldn't find it in internet. I googled but there were tons of the pages with such name...so please, give a link, thanks :-)

  • I am afraid it is impossible to share links on this forum (or is it?)

    but you can find it by searching for surrogacyinfo dot net web-site.

    PS I haven't noticed that the domain name is different to the organization's one. I have gotten so used to calling the WEB-site by the name of the organization.. so sorry for misinforming you...

  • Thank you so much! Now I see it! It will be very interesting to read. I actually have already decided to go to Ukraine for my treatment in the end of May, but I wouldn't mind to consult this agency before to ask some questions.

    have you already contacted them?

    Don't say sorry, that's a normal thing x

  • Oh yeah I wrote them an email asking if it is possible to ask them some questions about the clinic and they have told me that it is possible. But I am yet to reply to them though. Been busy with lots of stuff lately and now created this account and it takes quite a lot of time :) I am planning to talk to them right after I am in my clinic and know all of the information so I am prepared and know what to ask.

    PS what clinic exactly?

  • do they consult about the clinics or they can advice a treatment? I still don't get it :-D

    Clinic names biotexcom. I spoke via PM here with some ladies who were the clients, I liked the responses and want to try it. The only way I can achieve pregnancy is by means of donor's eggs. the clinic has interesting propositions for my case. I'm excited to re-start my treatment!

  • Oh I think so. I think that they know about many popular clinics and can possibly advise on one or two of them, I think that if I don't like something and ask them to find something similar to the clinic I have decided to part my ways with they can help me. Well, I do not know, they have just told me that they are ready to help...

    biotexcom?????? hm, I was thinking about this clinic... and I have booked a consultation with them even.

    So you've had a lot tries before? Fingers crossed everything works out!!


  • I'll call them today! want to know what they can suggest me. How many time has passed from the point you contacted with biotexcom until they scheduled a consultation for you? I haven't contacted them yet, so I'm afraid of being late...I want to go there in two weeks, but would they be able to accept us?

    I did had a couple failed cycles, now I want to try one more time in another place. Thank you! The same is for you.

  • :) I think that they only accept emails and they have like a contact form only available on their web-site... that's it. which is just a bit uncomfortable, like some clinics have viber and fb pages.. I hope though this agency gets bigger and changes their contacts list :)

    Not that much. It was quicker than I thought, they have asked for my treatment background and my analysis shits. I have sent all of those to them and my husband has done that too. and then after we were consulted on the contracts and their differences and basically the thing is that ivf contracts are almost the same and we can choose what we want to go for but eventually drs will be advising us the one they think that it suitable. that's what I have understood.

    I think that it is not that late, but it is better to ask them right now. so you can book the initial consultation.

  • Hey! How are u? I have some updates concerning our discussion!

    I wrote to this agency with the request to consult me about the clinic I chose. they answered very quickly. They provided me almost the same information I've already had, but I spent a lot of time to find it. I wish I had contacted them earlier so that I could saved more time without asking people on every forum what clinic to choose, but still I'm glad I found it. I also contacted with biotex and they scheduled our initial consultation on June 12. Now I have time to prepare myself mentally to this. I've already forgotten how worryingly it is....Last time I failed so this fear is returned to to again!

    What about you? Have some news?

  • Wow! You're so fast! haha I cannot even keep up with your updates now haha jk

    Hopefully your initial consultation will be great! Fingers crossed!

    yeah, aren't they great? very polite yet very strict when it comes to someone's ignorance and the most important thing I like about them is that they are not afraid of pointing out someone's wrong. if I understand something wrong, they would tell me it in the most polite way ever.

    Not so much news from me these days :) but I am definitely about to visit Kiev anytime soon and the first thing I will do is going to be visiting biotexcom.

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