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Quick question.....opinions please

Hello ladies,

I know i am probably thinking too far ahead but i was wondering what your thoughts are about whether to have some time off work after the FET. The reason i ask this is that i have been asked to deliver a training course for the first time 2 days after my FET (thats if things go according to plan) which will probably be fairly stressful but i have read that some people recommend taking a few days off work to rest after FET. Not sure if i should say i am not available to deliver the training and book some time off.

Thoughts and advise would be much appreciated.

T xx

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Hiya I took the whole time off for treatment due to my problems. After FET I was recommended to rest for few days and not to do any lifting or strenuous or stressful work at all for few weeks. My husband and mother took it in turns to do housework, all I did was wash dishes and walk and my embryo still failed to survive. That's not to say it will be the same for you though. I had a lot of discomfort after my FET and could not walk far. I would recommend you take all the time you can off and do as little as possible and get much needed rest to give your embryo the best possible chance.


I would say you need to do everything you can so that when you look back if you haven't had success, you can say that you have done everything you can to maximise the potential for you. You don't want to be in the position saying I wish I did this....

For me it meant either time off work or the bits i did, I did from home so as not to have the commute/office activities. But, everyone is different, so you have to work out what will be best for you to help deal with the outcome that no one wants.

FG x


Hi. We had fresh embryo transfer but it probably won't matter - an embryo is an embryo! For our first cycle last February I continued my work - but kept to light duties with no lifting at all, and also doing only light chores in the house. That cycle failed so for our second attempt last June, I took the 2 week wait off work, lying down watching TV, reading and my hubby wouldn't let me lift a finger. That cycle also failed - but at least I could be sure that I had done all I could not to jeopardise it. It's a touchy subject - especially for women in our situation. You may find that doing this work session could help take your mind off it briefly. YOU decide how easy you want to take things, other opinions are irrelevant! Good luck


Hi. I took 4 days off work after our first cycle. I didn't do anything apart from keep the telly company for all of those days. I followed all the advice given, no heavy lifting, no house work, hot baths etc. When I went back to work there was no carrying pairs of crutches, carrying folders etc, just light duties. Unfortunately our cycle didn't work but I had no regrets because I hadn't done anything I was told not to. I guess it's personal preference as to what to do. Only you can make the decision. Good luck though with it all.



I think it is important that you try to eliminate as much stress as you can from life - not easy I know!! Take some time for you and listen to a relaxation cd or whatever you can to unwind.

Our unit said there was no hard and fast rules of what not to do following transfer - just no high impact sports (or any bedroom antics for at least a week!) but some people return to work the same day - I didn't fancy that! There is apparently no medical correlation between time off work and success of treatments so it has to be what you think is best for you.

I had time off after my fresh and my frozen cycles. My fresh transfer I had a week off for - the egg collection I found painful and I was really sore when the transfer took place so I was relieved to have the time to recuperate.

The last cycle I had I took the day of the transfer off (Thursday) and the next day & then had the weekend and miraculously it has worked for us this time around! (3rd transfer!)

I don't know if that was the reason for our success - you wouldn't believe the nightmare journey we had the morning of the transfer - I had a chest infection, was sick on the way to the unit, the cat had to be rushed to the vets and the embryos hadn't thawed well but I am very pleased to say that we just had our 6 week scan yesterday and so far so good :-)

I hope you don't mind my sharing this story - it always gave me heart to know that it does actually work - especially when the journey is so long for us and so tough.

Keep going - good luck & all the very best for your transfer xx


Hi Tracey,

I had FET a couple of months ago - after 3 fresh cycles. I did take a few days off work, after the FET, just to try to reduce the stress. I also found that I was quite preoccupied after the transfer, so it would have been harder to focus at work. I am now delighted to be 12 weeks pregnant from the FET (and, as you might notice from the time of writing, 5am,unable to sleep because I'm so nauseous!). I know that there are such a mixture of stories here, but it's perhaps useful to remember, as Becky says, that FET really can work. I'm 39, with endo, so the odds didn't look great for me beforehand. Good luck!


Thank you all for your comments it has been really helpful to hear others experiences. Like many have said i guess i just need to do what feels comfortable for me so that i have no regrets if things don't work. I have told them i can't do the training as want to avoid any additional stress especially as it will be only a couple of days after FET and i would probably end up carrying heavy boxes of training material. Definitely feel i have made the right decision.

Thanks again everyone xxx


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