Is it possible??

Hi ladies i have a question but at the moment i really don't know what to think so here it goes...Is it possible for me to get pregnant after a lap?? I had a lap last month and they found that both my tubes are blocked so in three weeks time I'm having an open surgery to unblock them but now I'm feeling my body different and i don't know if it's only in my head...As result of the surgery my period came early last month and this one there's no sign except for a little brown spot but it was only for a boobs are massive and very sensitive even the bra it's hurting me so i really don't know what to think because I'm afraid to do a test and be disappointed once again just because I'm imagining things and want to be those cases where a miracle just happened...

Just needed to take this all from my head,hope everyone is getting all they wish for...


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  • I would say it it Hun! A lap and dye flushes ur tubes so it can help to unblock them. I know someone who was to they would not conceive naturally but they did after their lap and dye! How late are u? They could have been implantation bleeding!i know it's hard but the only way to know is to test! Good luck have u been TTC for a long time? Xx

  • I'm not sure how late i am because since the lap it's coming on different days so that's why i don't want to get my hopes high...I'm going abroad tomorrow so i will have the courage to do it..

  • I'm been trying for more than 2 years now...was resfused fund because my partner has already kids..

  • Hi Pinto,

    I don't know about the procedure you've had but it seems to me that you are listening to your body. You should do the test. Would you give this advice to a friend?

  • I would but for me it seems that it's only my head..

  • Highly likely u r pregnant 😊 the chances of conceiving post lap are high. Go buy a testπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • I want to think so but I'm afraid was told it's almost impossible to get pregnant with surgery...

  • Funny l was told the opposite. Praying it's your time 😊

  • Test done ....bfn ....

  • Bummer. Body playing tricks maybe. Sorry!

  • Big hugs.

  • Thank you ladies for all the words...I just have to wait now for when the period shows...till then I will enjoy my holidays and get a lot of cuddles from my mum and sister who I don't se for more than 6 months. ..

    Hope everyone is fine and best of luck with all treatments. ...I'll be back soon xx

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