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IUI Process

hi everyone, I have never written on one of these before - I'm in the process of IUI on the NHS (Early days) we have picked our donor and its been about 2 months, They said it can take up to three months. I'm just wondering what the next process will be? I've looked on line and know the basics but I want to know how much longer I have to wait. how many injections etc. I have called the clinic twice in the last week and not heard anything back and don't want to keep pestering them!! thank you xx

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Hiya, i had 2 IuI.. i didnt have any injections.. just took chlomid tablets xx


Hi jessieG1987. I don't how long you will have to wait to start your donor insemination, but the whole process should take around a month. It depends whether you are to use ovulation prediction kits and scans to predict ovulation, then have the insemination, or whether you are to have a stimulated cycle with drugs e.g. Clomid or injections. You will still need to have scans to monitor the development of your follicles, so that the insemination is done at the correct time. I'm surprised the whole process hasn't been discussed with you, so that you know what to expect. Hope you soon get some answers and can soon start. Good luck! Diane


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