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Starting the process of freezing my eggs

Hi Everyone, I'm at Madrid airport waiting to fly back home to Manchester. I came here yesterday to have a consultation with a clinic here. It's all so overwhelming as I'm not involving my hubby for now because he has stated that he has changed his mind and no longer wants kids. This is not an option for me so I've decided to freeze my eggs for now. I've had so much information to take in today and had to pay a lot more than I was expecting. I'm currently on day 4 of my period so I've been told I can start taking the pill today. I have no clue what I'm doing and how I'm going to go through this process alone while trying to hide all the drugs and injections from hubby, especially the ones that need to go in the fridge. I've been told to do a scan after 11 days. Does anyone know how much this scan costs and how to go about having on done. Can I get it done on the NHS? I'm trying to be strong but it's really hard. I don't know if I'm doing the right thing but I know I want kids in the future. Please watch out for all my silly questions. 😄

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Hi winniep,

I had treatment abroad, not in Spain but Czech Rep, so had my scans done here. I live near london so had my scans done in central london

I doubt you would get anything from the NHS. There will definitely be private clinics near you to have your scans. I only paid £80 for a lining scan.

Do you mind me asking why you choose Madrid? I thought Spain was as expensive as the uk.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.



Hi J,

Thanks for your reply. I picked Spain because I watched a documentary on BBC about a good clinic in Spain with good technologies, plus because I'm starting alone for now, I wanted a place where I can feel comfortable and I've been to Spain and learning Spanish so I thought it was a good idea. Not too sure anymore as they insist I can't even use my eggs until 300 days after separation / divorce from my hubby. I'm not at that point yet but if I have to wait then I'll be 40 before I can even think of starting the process. I'm so confused! £80 is not bad, I'll start looking tonight. Thanks J. x


Ah bless you, but we are here to support you... That's hard to suddenly have your husband say he does not want kids... U know u do and so roll with it. I'm single doing process with Donor sperm, and before used my own eggs but miscarriages x2 so they think my egg quality poor so moved now from London clinic and just on first round of Ivf in Greece with Donor eggs and sperm. A lot cheaper and people nicer, I have lining scans done near me in London for £79. NHS won't treat u if single, I tried. Good luck on your journey and any questions please ask.. Lots of love x x


Hi Jaky, thanks so much. I have been looking around Liverpool and Manchester and the prices are between £150 - over £300 and the days are not suitable for when I need to do my scan. I'll keep looking though. Good luck with everything. xx


Hi Winniep

So sorry to hear of your struggle. I am also doing this alone and having to hide everything from my lodger! You'll get quite clever and being secretive/

Look up Babrybond for scans, they have centres all over the country and cost £80 for a lining scan.

Can I ask the reason you can't use your own eggs for 300 day after separation? If they're un-fertilised by your husband? Seems ludicrous???

Good luck.



Thanks Michelle, I'll look up Babybond and see if there's a clinic near me. I don't understand the law as well but apparently this is the situation in Spain. If a married woman has a child, the child legally belongs to the husband if conceived within 300 days of separation or divorce. I've had another argument with my hubby yesterday and he got on the baby issue again and saying he'll never have one with me. This hurts me deeply as this is one of the reasons we actually got married, in order to start a family. I have only started the pill and not a lot more and I'm now thinking maybe I should change my clinic before I go too far and spend €2700 on eggs I'm not going to be able to use. I've already spend over £1000 but why spend more. Still thinking, so confused.


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