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Hi ladies, I'm new to the group just joined today, I'm after some advice hoping you can help. We have met with one consultant who has made the referral to the IVF clinic, our appointment with our consultant there isn't until the beginning of December, I just wondered what we are to expect at this point, we had had hormone blood tests done, I've had a scan done and hubby had sperm analysis too, I just want to know roughly how long it takes to start the process after the consultant appointment.

Thank you ladies x

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  • Hiya, it will depend on your next period date as to when you start your process. It all depends on your results as to what protocol they will offer you. Make sure you ask lots of questions - even if you think they are silly ones x

  • Thank you for the reply much appreciated, we spoke to one consultant who advised us we will have the ICSI process as my husband has a low sperm count, but it's not too low and good mobility, so they recommended ICSI. Our appointment in December is with the IVF department but I wasn't sure how many more appointments and what process we follow before I start on any injections? Thank you again for help will definitely make sure I ask plenty as I do always think some do seem silly. X

  • I think it will depend on your hormone profile and what type of IVF meds you'll be having. There'll be the usual admin of forms etc and then depending on what protocol, you normally have the injections as soon as you can x

  • After the IVF application has been accepted (if you're NHS) and all tests done then we had an IVF consultation on 2nd October. I had to start injections on day 23 of my next cycle which was yesterday so it's pretty quick once you've had the initial consultation. But yes as JB75 said it will depend if you're on short or long protocol and what meds you're on. When I started I thought because it's same process there was same meds for everyone but it's not. We're having ICSI too. Good luck x

  • Hi, I think it depends on the clinic and their process. In our case, I saw the consultant who decided on what cycle (short or long) then about a month later, saw the nurse and then started ivf a week later after my period had started. good luck with it all xx

  • Thank you ladies, sounds much quicker than I was expecting I thought after seeing the consultant I then had to go on an IVF waiting list. Yes we are going through it with NHS. Can I just ask what does short and long protocol mean? Sorry for the questions I joined this group as I'm currently at a time where I just feel I need a bit of support, and we've been waiting since the end of September to see our consultant so have a lot of unanswered questions.

    Thank to ladies good luck to you all too, I'm very nervous xx

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