Hi ladies, just writting on here as I am feeling down today:( I had iui done on the 14th may and I am on the 2ww. I have to test on 29th but I'm just so over this whole process! I am beginning to think that this month is also a failed attempt. We had a good run aswell I had 5 follicules! 2 were mature and 3 between 10 to 15 on scan day and my lining was good at 8.3 and my husband had 75 million sperm count. Everything is looking positive but I just don't have any symptons:( I had some cramps to my right ovary and also my boobs hurt but am thinking that is because of the pressers I have to take at night. Sorry for this long rant just feel alone :(

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  • You are not alone. I'm in 2ww after 2nd IUI and feel like it hasn't worked...again!

    I have had enough and am losing the will. To top it off I have to go a 1st birthday party on Saturday and be surrounded by children :(

  • I feel exactly the same!! I am due to go to a children's birthday function on my testing date :(

    This is my second iui aswell. Have a follow up appointment next Thursday to see what's the next step if it dosent work. My nurse did say it will be ivf. Just hate this roller coaster ride full of emotions. If you don't mind me asking how old are you and did you have endometriosis?

  • I am 29 and I know some ladies on here are much older but I have been trying for years and everyone around my age have now got children and some even planning the next one.

    Yes I did have endo. It was removed by lap in Feb...my next step is clomid! I have done a complete 360. I had IVF before I was diagnosed with endo which failed. Then have done 2 cycles of natural IUI but I start spotting 7-10 days after insemination, so my doctor thinks I need clomid for a stronger ovulation.

    Officially will have tried it all...

  • I just turned 29 this month to! I had a lap back in October as they thought they would help out but it never. My tubes are fine. I was first on chlomid for my first iui but that made my womb linning thin and I only made 2 follicles and now this month I tried it with injectables. I mean on paper everything this month has been good but I just don't feel preggers. But then again I don't know how I should feel. I am just tired of always getting a negative. For the first time in my life I want to take a test and it be a postive! I feel sorry for my husband who has had to put up this aswell! We're both tired now of always getting a negative xx

  • It has had a massive toll on my marriage too, I'm so down all of the time. Was your endo bad? Mine was quite bad I think...although my tubes are ok too

    I know how you feel. I have given up testing because I know my period will always come. I think if I ever do see a positive I will struggle to believe it because I've become so negative!

  • I understand what you mean it's not nice always having to plan around the days to conceive etc! I actually asked my husband yesterday what we spoke about before this took over our lives! We have gone on holidays though so it's been nice to chill and unwind. I had an op back in 2013 which I had big cysts in. That was a big op and now in 2015 I had adhesions removed but my tubes were fine as they said. the docs just don't no why it's not happened. My husbands sperm count is good to. I am a bit like you that I can't be asked to test but then I am driving myself crazy researching every little twinge!! 😩 I am praying this is the month or by the end of the year we will have good news 🙏

  • I really hope so. I know it sounds terrible but I am dreading turning 30 next year...I just always thought I would be a mum by 30 and I know time is of the essence with endo. I have only had one op so far but I guess its quite common to need more over time. I just hate this all!

  • I know how you feel but no one gets it:(

    Don't worry about the age thing became the women in my family have either been preggers on their30th or had a baby soon after. Every month feels like an anxious time for me. I look out for signs all the time and then get disappointed when my period arrives. I don't know how some women can remain so calm. I'm a natural worrier anyway! Maybe you could try ivf now as you have had the op and they cleaned it all out!

  • IVF was really tough. I really admire the women that had the courage to do it several times. I just found the whole process draining. My plan is to give chlomid a try for a few month and reassess the options again. Do you think you will try IVF next?

  • I am ready to try ivf as I am so ready to be a mummy now!! Since Feb 2015 it's been a roller coaster with blood tests/hospital appointments/scans and injections! There have been tears and there has been laughter but no BFP! I'm just so ready for the next step. I am hoping this weekend there will be good news but I am used to having a negative on the test. Was your ivf through the NHS or did you have private

  • It was on the NHS. That's also why I'm reluctant to try again as this time I would have to go private and its alot of money.

    I know what you mean about rollercoaster. I've lost count of how many scan, blood tests and hospital trips! I am struggling to keep positive too and actually feeling quite depressed at times. I feel scared at the reality of not being a mother and it feels too much to deal with at times..

  • Ivf is very expensive. So I am hoping if we do have to go down that route that it works :(

    I feel like you in that my mood is always up and down and I just feel sad a times. Maybe you should speak to a counsellor? We may both be down now but hopefully on the weekend it's a postive :) how many iui sessions do you get free? We were allowed 4 and we're on our second one.

  • We only get 3...so one more left for me. I did used to see a counsellor but my strategy now is trying to keep myself occupied, I have joined the gym and signed up to do a run! I also did a cooking class! Just trying to keep my mind occupied. Do you not get one attempt at IVF on the NHS?

  • Aww that's great! Maybe I need to do the same...so I get 1 fresh cycle and 1 frozen cycle. At my last scan the nurse did say I should get a AMH blood test done as I was ovulating around day 10 and 11 which scared me because when i started researching amh determines your egg reserve. But I've put that off now as I want to see the outcome of the iui and speak to the doctor next Thursday at my update appointment x

  • Yes you should get amh done. Mine is ok but us endo girls can have low amh . Please do let me know how it goes! Good luck!!

  • Thank you:) will let you know how I get on this weekend! Good luck!

  • So I tested today, 1 day early and got a big fat and negative:( back to treatment again. Good luck with yours

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