Cetrotide issues:(

So I was told to take my last Cetrotide shot between 5-6pm (so around 3-4 hours before I've normally been taking it) and then my trigger shot at 11pm today. Had such a horrible nightmare with the syringe. The mixing needle ended up getting stuck and to cut the long story short my friend had to use a tool to get it off. Means that I ended up injecting it two hours after instructed and also 2 hours after mixing the medicine. I called the emergency number and the doctor said that this isn't a problem but I can't help worrying about the fact that I took it so much later than I should have... am I just over stressing now? xx

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  • Hello! Not exactly the same situation but when mixing my trigger shot I lost some of the liquid due to squirting it out. I was so worried so I phoned the emergency number and they tried to reassure me that it'd all be okay but I wasn't convinced and worried all night. It all worked out fine at EC so try not to worry, I know it's easier said than done! Good luck lovely! X

  • Thanks for coming back to me. I texted the emergency number also and she replied saying that as my hormone level is low (I had a blood test this morning) it's very unlikely that I'll ovulate early. A little worried about the fact that I had mixed it around 2 hours before I injected it but hopefully that's OK too.

    Thanks again. Hope you're doing OK? xx

  • Hi, I'm just wondering what hormone level was low which made them sure you won't ovulate early? Im sure I ovulated early in my first round of ivf as I had 11 follicles at final scan before trigger but the doc at collection said there were only 4 follicles left to collect from, from which I got 2 eggs. I was gutted. My clinic do no blood tests at all so I was considering ordering them privately.xx

  • Hi Orla, sorry to hear that. Totally understand why you were upset. She didn't tell me how low it was just that it was 'very low'. I'm calling them back later so will let you know if I'm able to find out.

    Hope you're doing OK and all the best for the next cycle xx

  • Hi Janop79. Cetrotide does work with your own hormones, so maybe all will be OK. Fingers crossed. Diane

  • Thanks Diane. I spoke to the nurse at the clinic today and she seems to think all will be OK. I also had a problem with the Ovitrelle injections I had to take at 11pm. Such a stressful evening. One of them was fine but the other one was faulty. Finally got it to work but it meant that I took the second one 15 mins after instructed. Nightmare

  • Hi. Goodness me! What a 'mare! 15 minutes is nothing, so no worries there. Good luck with the rest. Diane

  • Thanks. EC tomorrow morning. Nervous but trying to keep positive

  • Hi. Hope all goes well today, and hav a good rest afterwards. I will be thinking of you. Diane

  • If I've learnt anything about this process is that not everything is actually as 'by the book' and rigid as they make it out to be!

    As long as you keep them informed let them take the stress of it on... If they aren't worried and they do this all the time- why would you need to be?

    Good luck with egg collection!

  • Thanks Saya! You're right. They were a lot less laid back about it than I was.

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