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Cetrotide - help!

So I woke up this morning at 10 to 7 ready to get my first shot of Cetrotide prepared and taken for 7am. 30 minutes later and two vials later I was still struggling to get rid of air bubbles. Does anyone have any tips on how to decrease the chances of getting air bubbles or how to get rid of them? Also, does anyone know whether it is possible to get the dose ready the night before, to be administered in the morning? Had a real nightmare this morning and was really panicking when I couldn't get it right.

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Air bubbles are a nightmare! Try to keep the needle tip in the liquid, so no air gets in. Hold needle point up and flick til air bubbles are just at top under needle. It should come out.

I don't know about mixing the night before!


Aw it does get easier the more you do, try holding the syringe up and flicking it, there are also loads of videos on you tube how to do them that you may find helpful xxx


I haven't started the cetrotide injection yet. I will start it on Friday. Is the cetrotide injection painful?


Hi, I don't find the injections painful to be honest. I'm also injecting Menopur daily and the Cetrotide injections are just the same. A little scratch when the needle goes in and that's it.


Thanks everyone, second injection this morning went much smoother

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i am on merinol and cetrotide at moment i find the cetrotide the easiest as the merinol involves more mixing...try watching some videos on utube honey as button says i think thats best thing to do...wouldnt hurt to maybe find a good one and play the video as your mixing it almost feels like someones doing it with you and may make you relax a lot more and could make it a little easier..i dont know about mixing night before honey but i would try not to if i were you..either way best of luck with your future injections and of course lots of baby dust to you!!!! xxxxx


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