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Hi, I already have 2 x frozen embryos and have just started taking drugs for hopefully having one transferred this cycle. 2nd day of my cycle and did a cetrotide injection tonight. That was so difficult! I couldn't get the stuff out of the vial into the injection, kept leaving some behind. I kept squirting it back and starting again. Eventually got most of it back in and injected it. All good except a big red mark on my tummy! Any tips for getting all the liquid back in after mixing it? I am also taking 3 x HRT tablets a day (forget the name) I also don't really understand what these drugs are actually doing, assume it's to make the womb lining right for the transfer? Good luck everyone!

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  • I never took cetrotide so can't comment sorry but just wanted to wish you lots of luck. Also if you have concerns about the medication I would ring your clinic for clarification x

  • Always a nightmare getting hold of them! I went for a repeat scan as they didn't think my lining was thick enough (natural ) after the repeat scan, the nurse phoned a few days later and said everything was ok, what did I want to do? I said well whatever I needed to do for a FET round. She asked if I wanted drugs or natural, because I have a long cycle I had been advised to do drugs. Nurse said she would arrange that with the drug company and had I been shown how to do them (has changed since the last time) she then proceeded to tell me how to do it over the phone! Me and my mum took 30 mins to mix it! I am paying for this cycle so a bit annoyed no one actually showed me! Good luck to you x

  • Oh blimey sorry your clinic is such a nightmare, that's awful that they haven't taken the time to show you how to do it especially when your paying. Could you maybe you tube it? I've seen a few other ladies saying about watching videos online x

  • Thanks, it's just quite an important thing to get right and on all the notes says you must get a nurse to do/show the first one. We are watching YouTube but still tricky!

  • I used Cetrotide, it's very tricky to get it all from the vial. I found putting the needle in the vial at a diagonal was easier for me. I managed to get all of it up in the needle that way. The air bubbles were also a bloody nuisance with this one for me 😥 i also had a big red mark on my tummy that was itchy too!

    Good luck with everything! xox

  • I actually don't know much about it but wish you good luck for your process and health. But if you got any mark, itching or something you should concern doctor as soon. Good luck. XX

  • Cetrotide is tricky :-( once the solution is mixed, We've been tipping the vial upside down and pulling the syringe needle almost to the top of the vial (but still in it by about 0.5- 1cm) and then pulling back slowly. Then pulling the needle a bit further up and getting the rest.... We've found it fiddly, but this seems to be working for us (my husband helps with my injections as I couldn't do it on my own!). Good luck with the next one xx

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