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Hey everyone, so have finally heard from CCG and despite NICE guidelines stating that a partner with existing children should not stop someone from getting funded IVF treatment (my partner has 2 daughters from previous relationship) we have been denied funding again! It seems that no one listens and no one actually cares so.....we have decided to look at egg donation to reduce our IVF costs from £5.5k to £1.5k. Has anyone got any experience of donating or receiving a donated egg? We have done a self referral to our clinic so just waiting for a consultation date now :-)

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  • Hi, really sorry to hear your news - it is so frustrating and unfair!! My partner has 2 children from a previous relationship. In Manchester this would not have affected us getting funding BUT we were denied funding due to him having had a vasectomy. We had it reversed and had private treatment and am now 6 months pregnant with our little girl :-) So keep soldiering on and stay strong xxx

    I was hoping to be able to donate my eggs as I did fit the criteria - I think I had to be under 36 and have AMH within certain levels. . . however, I was only JUST under 36 at the time - my 1st cycle was 2 months before my 36th birthday. Also, I didnt know that when you donate your eggs you have time your cycle with the cycle of a suitable recipient, if that makes sense. This would have meant us delaying our treatment , which we were not prepared to do, due to my age but also because it was the right time for us to start.

    I'm sure your clinic will give you all the info you need about egg sharing at your 1st appointment. Sorry I dont have any direct experience of donating or receiving an egg, but hope this helps abit.

    Good luck and stay positive :-) xxx

  • Hi Jenny. Oh wow congratulations on your baby girl! Bet you can't wait.

    It is the most frustrating thing but i guess atleast this way i can do something for someone else who is desperate to be a mum :-) i'm 27 in March so have plenty of time but am hoping a match won't take too long!

    Thank you for your support, meams alot :-) xx

  • I'm egg sharing coz we don't get nhs funding either.. It is hard.. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have can Pm if you prefer to..

    Good luck

    Jess Xxxxxx

  • i did egg sharing i am 33 weeks pregnant with a little girl and the lady i donated to is pregnant hang in there you will get your little miracle xxx kirsty xxx

  • Awww ytsrik1978 congratulations!! And how amazing for the other lady to! Just had a detailed registration form emailed through to complete tonight....eeeek! Trying not to get over excited...feels like I'm finally getting started if that makes sense xx

  • i started my egg sharing in the december and was implanted 3 day transfer 31st march went fast for me but i was 36 in may so the clinic did it quickly for me injections is the worst bit everything else was easy for my egg collection did not even know they had done it and never bleed i have one more try with one frosty will try when this little one is 2 i had to pay too as partner has children to previous relationship. goodluck let me know how it goes and any questions just ask xx kirsty xxx

  • We have a 4.5 years window to get it all done as apparently they've not have a successful pregnancy when sperm has been frozen for 18years, and it's been 13.5 years already as my partner got sick when we was early 20's. Would ideally like 2 children so need to get cracking as I don't expect to be lucky enough for it to work twice in a row, but fingers crossed. Thanks for all the info :-)

    Sian x

  • I did the egg sharing programme last year. I was 29 and like u my partner had children from previous relationship had the snip so we had to pay for reversal and was then told our only option was ivf. We couldn't get funding either so I decided the egg sharing was the best option all round to help us with the costs as I wanted to desperately be a mummy and to help another woman hopefully have the same dream as me.

    We found a recipient really quickly.

    Good luck x

  • Hi Jojo,

    Oh wow, so what stage of the process are you at now? Yea, it's a nice feeling to know you're doing something to help another lady be a mother :-) I'm just waiting for a date for our 1st consultation now. Sian x

  • I am very blessed and had my miracle baby girl in June after my first cycle. Sadly it didn't happen for my recipient

  • Are you worried about any of the process or have you been fully informed? Do you know anyone that has gone through this before? X

  • Hi Jojo,

    Yeah, I've had quite a bit of info from people on here and from speaking to the clinic before we submitted our self-referral. Just hate all the waiting but guess it can't be helped. x

  • Know exactly how you feel missav.. :) I'm still awaiting for some of my hubby's screening blood tests.. I was told to phone today for results and I only got his hepatitis b em faxed to my clinic.. Told to phone my doctors surgery Monday hopefully they're have his hepatitis a and c and HIV 1 and 2 then :) Why these things always take long chick..?! Just want to progress to next stage with involves more waiting lol..! But at least it's waiting for something bd matched up with an recepicent :)

    Good luck with everything :) let me know how you get on :)

    We will get there :)


  • Hi Jojo84 did u wait long for ur match recipient or u got started straight away after consultations Xx thanx Mia

  • Hi it didn't take long at all I think it was July we had our consultation and ararted treatment in sept x

  • Hi .. know the feeling Nhs wouldnt pay for nothing as my partner got 4 children and then vasectomy done years ago.. we went private for reversal but failed then last november started lookin into IVF / ICSI . He had to has his PESA done which was succesful and we got frozen sperms for 6 cycles.. then we decided to go through egg sharing programe .. to save cost .. we already paid over 3000 for unsuccesfull reversal and Pesa.. the worse is waiting nearly 2 month gaps inbetween appointments .. after consultations i had another blood tests done and they take nearly 6 weeks to come back which we didnt know and its hard to do all the waiting again.. year till we got here and wait till January now .. hope it goes well for u keep posting . Mia

  • Hi Mia, I have just sent off my clinical questionnaire so now waiting for a date for our initial consultation. have not been told how long we'll have to wait for this, but to be honest as just pleased we've finally got the ball rolling. The NHS can be so frustrating but am hoping our private experience will be a little better. So, what's your next step?

    Keep me posted, nice to know someone who is going through the same thing at the same time :-)

    All the best, Sian x

  • Hi I had my blood took three weeks ago and was told it can take 6 weeks for results to come back .. Because they are important ones like Dawn syndrome and more stuff u have to HV this done if u want to be egg sharer ... I had my AMH 65 which is too high for my age .. I am 30 .. Got myself book the complete guide to ivf and stressing myself that will over react tk drugs and get my egg colection canceled ... So waiting for them results then another paperwork to sign then get started about January I think as they will be shut for Christmas .. Also bad I HV to travel all day two hours on train to glasgow .. Is ur clinic closer to ur home? Really help in all this reading always something new u didn't know before .. Keep me posted too Xx

  • Hi Mia,

    Yeah I've been told by our clinic the blood test results can take 5 weeks to come back. We're really lucky as our clinic is only 6 miles from us, so am grateful for that! Try not to stress, it's hard I know because there is so much info out there and you feel really out of control, but as long as we do all we can it should be fine. Everything I have read has said it's best to be as healthy and calm as possible (which seems the hardest thing to do lol!)

    This forum is great, there is so much support and advice!

    Hope you're blood test results come back good.

    Sian xx

  • Just to let you ladies know my screening results only took a month to come back..I'm also egg

  • Think they rather tell u longer waiting time then if u get it quicker u all excited .. I can't wait whatever is waiting for us just want to get started .. Xx love idea of egg sharing .. Just because u never know if u will need any help one day .. Its big gift and big thing .. Yous girls are so brave Xx and congratulations to all positive test Xx

  • Hello,

    I am a egg donor, my egg collection is going to be on Monday or Wednesday next week.

    I'm getting very scared now about the actual collection. I'm worried about the pain and about being aware of the procedure. It's something I've wanted to do since I was 19 and now I feel like I've made a big mistake.

    I will be able to post about the whole donor experience next week, what did you want to know?

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