Hi! I'm new to this and was hoping for some advice, also thought I'd introduce myself. We are 2 years into our journey. All our tests have came back normal and bloods etc are within normal ranges so we can't find an explanation for why we can't conceive. The Consultant wanted us to go straight to IVF but I pushed to have the dye test done first (which she was reluctant to do cause she didnt see any blockages on scan) but she finally agreed. And we were thinking of trying IUI before IVF. I have to now book for test and I was just hoping for some advice from anyone who has had dye test done before and if you think IUI is worth a shot? I've heard the dye test is pretty painful!


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  • Hi 👋 It's one of those things you build up in your head that isn't as bad in reality, unless you have a blockage I guess. Mine was clear. It's not very nice but it's totally doable. If you do progress to ivf there are plenty of things during treatment that are as uncomfortable lol. Not saying this to freak you out; I'm a wimp and if I can do these things then anyone can! 💪🏻 Sorry I can't advise you on iui though x

  • Thanks, I am a total wimp when it comes to pain too! Did you take pain meds before? Would like my DH to come in with me while having it done but everything I've read they won't let a partner in?!x

  • Yes I took paracetamol, that's all they advise. You'll feel slightly crampy afterwards but nothing major. No my OH wasn't allowed in either as it's essentially an X-ray x

  • Thanks Tugsgirl :) appreciate it x

  • I was petrified at the thought of this, but it really wasnt bad just uncomfortable but the nurses where great and talk you through everything. I did take two painkillers an hour before but went straight back to work afterwards xx

  • Thanks :) A bit more at ease now. Does it take long?x

  • If I remember rightly I was in there about 20mins but actual procedure about 5-10 mins xx

  • I'm in agreement with everyone.

    I had heard and read horror stories of people being in terrible pain- mine was absolutely fine. It was a bit uncomfortable but that's all.

    I have a blocked tube and it wasn't sore. At one point there was a bit of a strange feeling shooting across but not pain.

    I took a painkiller before it which helped with the cramps I got after the procedure.

  • Thanks Curlysue for putting my mind at ease!xx

  • Ah, sorry I was thinking of the HSG. I just took a painkiller and the day off for that.

    When I got the Lap I took time off to recover.

    I had two abandoned IUI cycles then an attempt. I only had one follicle and it worked. 😬

    (Miscarried but have every faith in IUI).

    It's stressful like every other bit of the journey but worth it.

  • Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Such a difficult journey. Hope you will get a few more tries of IUI xx

  • Hey, welcome to our little network. This is a great place to share and ask questions.

    I too had the dye test, it confined I don't have a blockage but I do have endo. The procedure wasn't too bad. Just take some time off work after it - I had my op 23rd December so had Christmas off work to recover.

    I opted to have IUI before IVF because we saw it as an opportunity to have more chances (up to 6 here in Scotland) I was a little anxious about all the info but soon got in to a routine with the appointments and injections. My 1st cycle of IUI was unsuccessful. We tried on my 2nd cycle but it was abandoned due to a large follicle. I have heard of some great success stories with IUI.

    You should push for what you what. All avenues should be explored.

    If you have any questions just ask.

    Happy to help.

    Nat xx

  • Thanks so much!! Lovely to find somewhere were others are on this journey too. As great as family/friends are its tough as it is hard for them to understand. They only do the test on a Friday in NI so thankfully i'll be off work for the weekend. Thanks for reassurance-I was worried about pain but equally you'd go through anything you had.

    Not sure how long we will have to wait before we start IUI after dye test,waiting times on NHS can be long. Just taking one step at a time and trying not to get overwhelmed as the past year has been just horrible. Just takes over your life.

    Great to hear you have started IUI. Heres hoping and praying for you. 6 times is a good try. Hope you are feeling well with it all xx

  • Hey LG10,

    This is a great place to unwind and Destress because we can all understand what you are going through.

    The pain isn't too bad. It's like bad period cramp. The hospital will prescribe you with meds to take away with you. Try and get 7 days off work, if you can. I really needed it, I was exhausted and needed that to build up my strength. I suppose everyone reacts differently.

    I got my Lap and Dye in December 2016 and started my 1st cycle in March 2018.

    Hopefully you won't have time wait too long.

    Stay positive. Xx

  • Hello and Welcome

    I had the dye done a week or so ago and I built it up so much in my mind that I literally just broke down. So my advice is to relax and it isn't as scary as your brain may think it is! Also my husband was allowed in the room and he held my hand the entire time. It really helped. He just spoke nonsense to me and kept my mind focused.

    I hope it all goes well for you!

  • Thanks Caz87. Glad it wasnt as bad for you as you thought and you had support from your husband. Its nice to have him with you and go through it together. I have to wait and phone to bookrappointment on first day of my period so hopefully I don't have to wait to long after that.

    Hope you get good results from yours xx

  • Hi also going through same question ... I'm having the test next week and getting a little nervous - we wanted to try iui first although our consultant also wanted us to go straight to IVF.... guess I am nervous as am confused to what it involes and want to continue to try and get pregnant naturally after does anyone know how long we have to wait before we can start trying again?

  • I had a real strong gut instinct to fight for IUI first. Don't know why but I think you just know what is right for you at that time. Really hope IUI is a success for you. I don't know much about IUI as trying to just take each step as it comes and at moment the next thing on the list is dye test for us. This is a great support network for questions and answers tho so hope someone can help. Its all just so daunting at times trying to figure it all out xx

  • Hey have you asked about clomid. Could be worth a shot before you go for IVF. It worked for me similar situation as you xxx

  • The consultant told me I wouldnt be a eligible for it cause I am ovulating and my periods are spot on?!? Altho she also told me I didnt need dye test but I pushed for it xx

  • Same for me but I took it anyway. Now I have twins on the way 🙈😍

  • Aww amazing. Congrats!!! I'll have to discuss it again with her and push for it. When its unexplained its hard to know what to do but def want to try all we can before IVF. Thanks so much for commenting. Really appreciate it. Such a vulnerable situation to be in and you take the Consultants advice as gold. So good to know it worked for you and something I can push for xx

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