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IUI before IVF

Our consultant mentioned privately having IUI while on waiting list for IVF on NHS. He then backtracked recently and said NHS don't support IUI.

Does this mean if we try IUI before we won't be eligible for our only NHS IVF cycle? We really want to try this first but feel pressured to do IVF first. I thought I'd write out consultant an email but not sure what to do! If they say no, our IVF cycle

Will be around November, I just feel

It's continuing the agonising waiting and not getting us much further forward! What to do??? Xxx

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Hi I was told by my consultant that if I have privet iui I would then not be eligible for NHS funding for ivf xx


Hey Robbie03, hope you're ok?

I'm in Scotland so not too sure where you are or if this will apply to you as I know all NHS health boards are different. I know that it's a bit of postcode lottery - which is totally unfair!

After being referred to the NHS infertility unit, I was given a lap and due tests that confirmed I have endo and unexplained infertility.

I was offered IUI first of all - here you can have up to 6 cycles but after your 3rd cycle you are referred for IVF and allowed to continue with your 3 cycles that are left if you wish.

But if I had decided to go straight to IVF I wouldn't be allowed to try IUI after IVF if it failed.

So, moral of the story is push for IUI first (if you can) as it gives you more chances. Then try IVF.

We thought going for IUI would give us more chances before IVF. So why not.

My 1st cycle was unsuccessful, My second cycle was abandoned due to a large follicle/cyst. We have made the decision not to continue with IUI and wait for IVF. Don't let that put you off though. I've heard lots of great success stories. Everyone responds differently to the treatment. You could be successful.

I hope this has helped.

Feel free to ask anything.

Nat x



You would need to check whether your Clinical Commissioning Group take into considering previous private treatment and whether this would include IUI - some do some don't. A link to your CCG's policy might be on fertilityfairness.co.uk - if the link to the policy isn't there, then call them and ask to speak to someone in Fertility Commissioning to confirm this for you.

I hope this helps. Any other questions please give me a call on 01424 732361.

Best wishes,



Where i live iui os not on the nhs. If i wanted to have iui i would have to go private. My clinic saod i could try iui as many times i want and this will not effect my only ivf go on the nhs. However if i have ivf private then i will not get ivf on nhs at all. Plz do u check with ir clinic as its one rule for one and different for another person.xxx


Thanks girls! We definitely can't have IUI on NHS, but DH stopped in at our fertility centre yesterday as was at hospital for blood test. Nurse said she thought IUI privately might be ok but she'd check with consultant and we'd hear from him. I've got everything crossed as really want to try IUI and also not sure I'll handle waiting another 5 months for IVF, the waiting is endless! Xxx


Spoken to the consultant who said a private IUI would delay IVF but not prevent it. But now a clinic we have spoken to regarding IUI, their NHS rep says it's will affect our funding. Stuck between a rock and a hard place.....😔


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