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IVF after 3 failed IUI

So it's been nearly 3 years and tomorrow we have our appointment for IVF... I'm not sure exactly when I will be starting the treatment but we have had a few appointments already and I am at the perfect time in my cycle (I ovulated a few days ago and haven't yet started my next period) - so we are hoping (with everything crossed!!) that they start me on meds tomorrow for treatment in October. I am incredibly nervous... We have already done three self funded rounds of IUI but found out at the beginning of this year that I have polycystic ovaries which meant we were entitled to IVF on the NHS. Does anyone have any advice at all? My main question is, does the egg retrieval hurt?? I am absolutely petrified of needles but have managed to get my head around injecting myself daily, I just can't seem to get my head round the egg retrieval side of things and am petrified that I will feel some, if not all of the procedure.

Thank you for taking your time to read this xx

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Thank you so much for your reply. My consultant said I wouldn't be sedated but would be on a very very high dosage of pain killers which would make me semi conscious - I have my main appointment tomorrow so am going to ask if it's possible to be completely sedated. I am self employed so when you say you took a while to recover, how many days do you think I will need to take off work? Xx

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Make sure you're fully sedated don't even go there without it. I've done two with pain killers not good! You have a right to be fully sedated


Thank you for your reply, how many rounds of IVF have you had? By sedated do people mean completely knocked out and asleep?? Xx

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Hey I've had 2 egg collections. Both awful without sedation. This time I'm going under general anaesthetic. The last one I had a full blown panic attack, vomited in surgery and they had to leave one ovary full of eggs.

It's a horrid procedure, there's no way I'd do it just under sedation just incase.


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