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I have been to the reproduction clinic today and was informed that my partner and I have no problems all our tests were normal. I was asked to consider which treatment we would want IUI or IVF, she said we have have 85% chance of natural conception but cant understand why it isnt happening, we have been trying for 18 months im 37 (38 in april) hubby is 33. Im seeking advice on best option to choose. im drawn to iui but concerned about the success rate as she said it was 5%, my biggest concern is my age as I do not want to be much older. suggestions/advice greatly received.

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IUI success rate vary from 10-25% depending on all your personal factors not sure where she got 5% from. It's less invasive but IVF success rates are much much higher.

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Hi Nicky, I am currently stuck in the same position, I need to choose between IUI and IVF, however my doctor insist on IVF from the fact that I over respond to a clomid drus, therefore if I have IUI need to be without any drugs which left us with 3% chance. For me IVF is big step and final step. Me and husband have unexplained infertility and it should not be a problem to conceive, but as you see we are also as same boat and it is really upsetting. I havent decided which route to go,however I wish you best of luck regardless which treatment you will choose. If time is your concern I would consider IVF, each procedure will take approximately 3 months so if you try first IUI and IVF you will find that almost another year is gone. Hope that helps


I'm 37, had. Laparoscopy to get endo removed and next step is now Superovulation and iui, the doctor hasn't given me the choice of ivf, it's the NHS so of course that's the cheapest option and also the blooming postcode lottery. I would rather go for IVF straight away.


Hi Nicky. Such a frustrating diagnosis “Unexplained Infertility”! As you say, if that is the case then why aren’t we getting pregnant? You might like to ask your consultant whether they do immune testing, as sometimes our bodies can recognise a developing embryo as a “foreign body”, and it may need some treatment to prevent this happening - that’s if is. Deciding whether to go for IUI or IVF is another tricky one. I feel though, that if you are having treatment on the NHS, then why not go for the more detailed option of IVF? In doing so, you will hopefully create several embryos, where some might be suitable for freezing for use at a later date. One go at IUI is one go, where one go at IVF could possibly create two or three attempts – worth a thought. Obviously, you are best guided by what your consultant says, but as you are nearly 38, I think I would try and “harvest” what I can now. I do wish you well with whatever you decide, and for a successful outcome. Regards Diane


Hi Nicky i too am stuck in the same situation weather to go for IUI or IVF...I am 31 Yrs and my husband 34, "unexplained infertility", and i was on stimulating drugs and my doctor says i have responded nicely to the drugs . so i need to decide what next...Please let me know what you decided finally and what was the outcome ...i still have 24 hours to decide...


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