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Morning Ladies, I see there are a few of us on the 2ww, love having this forum to chat as I think it would be so much harder going through it alone when no one else really understands. I've been feeling ok, a few twinges here and there but I'm managing to stay fairly relaxed through the day, however, I'm hardly sleeping at night, I'm so restless and have a tingling feeling in my legs and I can't keep them still, this has literally started since my FET on Thursday, has anyone else experienced this? I think I managed to actually sleep for 3 hours last night 😴 .... just want to send all my best wishes and good luck to everyone ❀️

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  • I have read that others have had this 'restless leg syndrome' is it a side effect for anything your taking xx

  • Oh thank you for that, was staring to wonder if it was all in my head but I really can't keep my legs still in bed, it's a very unpleasant feeling and I'm so tired but I'll cope 😊, hope all is well with you x x x

  • Hi MichM, its so good to talk to others going through same thing.

    Since my transfer im struggling to sleep, ive put it down to my mind overthinking and also my body feeling bit restless as im use to going to the gym but im too scared to now.

    I think im getting 6hrs sleep so no where near your 3hrs eek and havent had tingly legs. Perhaps a gentle walk in freshair may help to use some energy up.

    Hope you can have a restful bank holls to try recover and wishing you best of luck too.

  • Thank you, I maybe am overthinking and over resting haha!! I'll get out for a walk today, it's a lovely day!! Best of luck to you too, take care x x x

  • Hi I'm on day 9, been ok up until today, which I've been in a foul over emotional mood for most of!! Now having lots of twinges and cramps, thinking it might be all over 😒

    I get restless legs at night regularly, it is horrible, I find the best thing is to walk barefoot on a cool floor for a bit if you can, or use the cooling mist sprays, find something to distract you from it too, read a chapter of a book or do a crossword, anything to take your mind off it! Doesn't always work but worth a try.

    Good luck and fingers crossed for your otd xx

  • Thank you for the advice 😊, sorry you haven't been feeling too good today and I really hope things work out ok for you, all the best to you and take care x x x

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