Dreading tomorrow

Hi all, hope you're enjoying your BH weekend.

I went for a scan on Saturday to find out if I can start treatment for natural modified ICSI. To save you having to read my other posts, I have a very low ovarian reserve and AMH for my age so was advised to go down this route. Hoping to either freeze or implant an embryo if successful (fingers crossed) as I'm currently single.

Anyway, the scan on Sat only showed that I had two follicles one of which was two small. There was nothing on my left side. I was advised to take a blood test but unfortunately the consultant called me later that day to tell me that I couldn't start treatment. I'm now booked in for another scan on Tuesday to confirm if I should definitely abandon this cycle. I just wanted to find out if anyone has been through something similar (in terms of having to have a second scan before they can profess with treatment or abandon a cycle.

Thank you xx

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  • Hi Janop79! I'm sorry I didn't get it completely.. why the consultant told you couldn't proceed with the treatment? Is that because too few follicles developing in your ovaries? But as far as I understand the process even one follicle is often might be enough to get a quality egg.. Otherwise you can chose to have your ovaries stimulated next time

  • Hi crlnbr,

    I was pretty upset at the time but I recall that it was because there were not enough follicles and also because the blood test showed that my oestrogen levels were low. I'm hoping for better news tomorrow but the consultant didn't sound that positive. I tried to find out more info this morning but was advised to wait until tomorrow because they're too busy and it's a BH :(

  • Hi, same here: natural modified with ICSI. Yes, at my first scan (cycle day4) they said that I didn't have a dominant follicle yet, this was without any medication. I was thinking they'd have to abandon. It isn't just follicle growth though, they also look at blood tests (at my clinic) and at that point my oestrogen was v.low, less than 18.

    At the 2nd scan (still no meds, day 7) there had been minimal growth but the oestrogen had increased to 57. I said I wanted to start stimulating just to see what would happen and to get the 1st injection out of the way.

    I started the injections and then at the 3rd scan, day 9, there had been growth and oestrogen had increased to about 400+ . So I didn't have to abandon after all, I was just a slow starter. The same pattern recurred on my 2nd cycle, so it's just my body's way of doing things.

    I understand your disappointment at the thought of abandoning. I was upset at the prospect but also had one eye on the price list as the cost of abandoning after 1 or 2 scans was £400, 3 or 4 scans was £650 or 5 or more was £825 (gulp!)

    Good on you for taking decisive action to do this. I imagine that it isn't easy with you being single at the minute.x

  • Thanks for your message. Sounds pretty similar to my situation. I had a blood test too and was told to come back for a scan on Tuesday. My oestrogen levels are also low. I really hope that there is some improvement tomorrow.

    Like you, I'm concerned about the abandonment fee. I'll have to pay £400 also which is a lot of money for me. Keeping everything crossed.

  • Hey how are you? Are you any further forward with your news?x

  • Hey, thanks for asking!

    The scan was so much better than I thought it would be. The consultant could see two more follicles (albeit small in size) and there had been some growth to the ones she could see on Sat so I was given the go ahead to start the treatment. I almost cried with relief. I know this is only the beginning of a long emotional journey but trying my best to keep positive. The nurse reminded me how important keeping positive is xx

  • That's good news then! It is just the start, the only advice I can give is just take it one step at a time. Each hurdle over is another one out of the way!xx

  • My hospital always told me they would abandon if it wasn't looking good... but if this is your free go... I don't think they'll class it as complete and you'll get another free go... I have low AMH too.

    If they start again they may suggest another route for the treatment by altering your drugs so you stimulate higher.

    But... more importantly, how did you get on today? xx

  • Hey Emu2016,

    The consultant could see four follicles in total yesterday and the two from Sat had grown so she gave the go ahead for me to start with the Bemfola injections. I was so relieved although I know this is just the beginning. Took my first injection last night and it wasn't too bad. I have a scan tomorrow to check on the progress. Hoping and praying that everything will be OK. Hope you're doing OK? Xx

  • That's great news. Just keep being positive :)

    Those injections are never as bad as they seem.... I always find that it's worse when I'm overly confident about them! Hopefully I've seen the back of injections now though! I'm getting on ok, just waiting for my 7 week scan x

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