Quantity not quality

I keep telling everyone else this... But then sometimes I take my own advice with a pinch of salt. With low AMH, low AFC, high FSH I always knew our changes were slim. When I went for my scan on day 8 of stims I was convinced there'd be nothing there.

I cried when the nurse told me there was 5 follicles. She was really happy with their size and that I'd got 5. So it spurred me in to positive mental attitude. And now I just can't help myself but look at the odds and wonder if I'll even get to egg transfer with such a small number.

Oh goodness. One minute I'm positive and the next... I'm nipping myself with a reality check that 5 might not be that great after all? xx

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  • Hi Hun , I was told I had 4 good follicles and some small ones , I doubted things would work out but it did and I'm now just over 9 wks pregnant .

    Good luck xxxx

  • Did you have 4 in total or more but 4 were good?

    I keep reminding myself of your journey... How you doing? xx

  • I can't remember , tbh the nurse I had was a bit of a dragon, when I went for my first scan she said I wasn't quite ready, I went back 2 days later that's when she said I had 4 big follicles and some smaller ones, then I had egg collection 2 days after that and they collected 9 eggs , so they can keep growing right up till egg collection.

    When's your nxt scan ? Have they booked u for egg collection ??

    I'm fine thanks just tired 😊😊

  • Next scan is Monday. EC probably Weds or Thurs.

    I guess I have to remember they'll keep growing too! Hopefully.

    Hope you're getting lots of rest! xx

  • Ah , see they have had all weekend to grow and produce , I'm sure your gonna be all good to go for Wednesday 😊😊. Let me know tmr how you get on Hun xxx

  • Will do xx

  • Hi emu

    We only had 5 eggs collected and only 3 were viable. 3 fertilised, two made blast and were really good quality. We had one transferred which unfortunately didn't work but we have one little frozen embryo waiting for us, we are starting our fet next week.

    So please try not to worry 5 is a good number and it's all about fertilisation rates and quality over quantity.

    Good luck πŸ˜„

    Holly xx

  • Thanks Holly.

    I'll keep focussed on 5 being a good number. And stop googling. Ha!

    Good luck with your FET next week. Fingers crossed! xx

  • I had a about the same numbers at that point but on day of collection I had 11 from 12 follicles. Lots happen in the last 48hrs so stay positive, all will be good πŸ‘πŸ»x

  • You got more? Oh my! I didn't think I'd get anymore. I'm sure I heard the nurse say I wouldn't get any more than that now! :/ thanks! xx

  • Well done that's great! I was a bit slower than the usual respond to stims but I did it! We managed to get 6 eggs and 3 have fertilised which means we potentially we have 3 more chances at pregnancy than we did before!!😊 Get a hot water bottle on your tummy, the heat is supposed to help them grow!!xx

  • That's brilliant! I was wondering about a hot water bottle. Did you do that? 2 were 13mm, 1 was 10 and 2 were 9.... But there wasn't any more. xx

  • I got that advice from here and have done it every night since! First scan I had around 5 that were 11mm and a couple of tiny ones . A week later I had 6 good sized ones and 8 small ones and got 6 eggs! Like you I was just pleased that they were there on scan, what a relief!!x

  • *finds hot water bottle*

    Good luck with your journey! x

  • I was advised a hot water bottle and protein rich diet! Good luck xx

  • You've come this far - don't give up now as it can still work for you! I had 4 collected, 3 mature and all 3 made it to blastocyst but at that stage only 2 looked good and had both transferred (nothing to freeze!) and now they are 2 week old twins. You just never know. But I still remember that sinking feeling when I was told I only had 4 and only 1 ovary even responded. Then on day 3 I got the call to say 3 looked good and did I want to take them to blasto. Initial instinct was to say no because I was afraid none would make it but they explained everything and we waited for day 5. It was clear by then that we had 2 good ones.

    It's natural to feel disappointed with low numbers but you just have to convince yourself that the clinic knows what they are doing and put your faith in medical science. Now is the time to lean on your partner for extra support, even if that just means getting him to cook dinner or wash the dishes. Drink lots of water and eat protein. Good luck for ec!

  • Your post made me cry! I was so happy when she told me I had five that I cried while she was scanning me! I already know that that's a great number for me... I just need to keep hoping that they make it and willing them on.

    Thanks for sharing your story of success and for still coming back here post birth to give us all hope. ☺️

    I'll keep those positive vibes! xx

  • Ah, I'll keep fingers crossed for you! I have slightly less time on my hands with these two but still check occasionally to see how everyone is getting on. x

  • Low AMH and low motility. 7 follicles after a lot of fiddling and increases in medication, 6 collected, 5 fertilised with ICSI, 3 made it to 5 day blasties, 2 suitable for transfer with nothing to freeze- result = twin girls who are now almost 6 months and our family is complete. I'm keeping everything crossed for you. Xxx

  • Heading to my second scan in an hour. Here's hoping it's still going well. What a wonderful journey! :) xx

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