10 days late but negative tests

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well? It's a long weekend coming up.

My 2nd IUI cycle was abandoned and my AF lasted for 4 days.

My AF is 10 days late but I have taken 2 tests (Sunday and Wednesday) and they're negative.

Is this normal? Is body getting back in to a natural cycle?

Any help would be appreciated



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  • Hey hunny, this happened to me last year and I missed a period. It was out down to medication from my IUI. It just messed this up. I went on to have a period the following month x

  • It's so annoying. I didn't actually take any meds on my 2nd cycle because it was abandoned xx

  • Oh no thats annoying. could you make a doctors appointment and have a blood test taken? The hospital where I had my IUI done the blood test x

  • I'm going to call the hospital tomorrow. Still no AF. X

  • Hi nanderso. I would imagine that the hormone drugs you have been taking, have probably just messed up your cycle temporarily. Try not to worry as it will sort itself out - just so annoying. Hope all is soon remedied. Diane

  • I hope so Diane x

  • I had bloods taken yesterday and will find out the results tomorrow. I'm on day 42 of my cycle now and still no period. Very annoying. I can't relax or focus. I'm making silly mistakes. I just need to know what's going on. x

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